The Democrats, along with their mainstream media cohorts are outraged that President Trump is refusing to accept what they claim is his inevitable defeat.

Of course, just 24-hours before election day, these same Democrats, and their mainstream media cohorts were outraged that President Trump was refusing to concede the election before it happened in what they claim was an assured Biden electoral college landslide.

But they took their outrage to a whole nother level after President Trump launched into a 17-minute speech from the White House briefing room where he voiced his concern that he was the victim of a deep state conspiracy by big tech, big money, the Democrats, and the media.

Of course, the media completely ignored the fact that for the past four years they were complicit in every hair brain scheme created by the Democrats to overturn the 2016 election results:

I assume the same media who are outraged that President Trump accused them of  ‘Conspiring with the Democrats’ conveniently had forgotten that they…

  • Let Adam Schiff state, without the slightest pushback, state that he had seen the evidence that proved Donald Trump conspired with Putin to skew the 2016 Presidential election in his favor.
  • Reported that ‘The Steele Dossier‘ was investigated and authenticated” by the FBI.
  • Claim that the ‘Trump Pee Tape‘ was real, and it was only a question of ‘when,’ not ‘if’ it is found.
  • Were outraged that Trump had the audacity to accuse the Clinton campaign of paying for the Dossier.
  • Got triggered after President Trump said that the Obama administration spied on his campaign.
  • Were incensed that President Trump accused a handful of FBI agents of conspiring to hide evidence that exonerated the Trump campaign of conspiring with Russia.
  • The Media reported that there was absolutely no evidence to back Devomn Nunez’s claim that the FBI was only able to obtain a FISA warrant by using the Steele Dossier as their main source of evidence and hiding the fact that Hillary Clinton had paid for it.
  • Mainstream media reporting that ‘Trump would fire Robert Mueller any second’ because Trump KNEW the “Walls Were Closing In” due to the Special Counsel investigation had found overwhelming evidence of a Trump/Russia conspiracy.
  • Refusing to push back against Rep. Eric Swalwell stating that he had seen the evidence that President Trump was a “Traitor working with Putin” and an “Agent Of Russia“.

I could go on forever with how the Democrats and the mainstream media have pushed every half-brain conspiracy over the past 4-years.

My Lord, you only have to go back two weeks to see how Big Tech and the mainstream media conspired to put their thumb on the 2020 Presidential election scales, by their attempt to keep the Hunter Biden email story from ever seeing the light of day.

BUT NOW they outraged about Trump claiming a conspiracy to skew the election results?

Steal The Vote Conspiracy? What Steal The Vote Conspiracy?

Of course, the media which over the past 4-years has proven beyond all doubt that they truly are, as Trump has labeled them, “The Enemy Of The State.”

See’s nothing suspicious with the fact that despite, Trump having a lead and in some cases an insurmountable one, in nearly every uncalled state late into election night.

Yet somehow, just days later President Trump inexplicitly is now losing every single one of these uncalled states.

In fact, the mainstream media has become such a stooge for the Democrats, that despite the fact that Donald Trump is legally allowed to invoke his right to a recount, if he supposedly lost by less than 1%.

The media is now claiming that Donald Trump is being petty and selfish because he simply refuses to accept their reporting that without question he lost the 2020 election fair and square to Joe Biden.