‘I don’t care if Donald Trump is unconventional. He still has my vote’

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Let’s face it. The presidential debate this past Tuesday was a train wreck.

Chris Wallace was awful. He lost control within the first two minutes. He repeatedly broke his own rules by interrupting President Trump during the president’s allotted two minutes of “uninterrupted” time.

Mr. Wallace also betrayed his own bias in the way he framed many of his questions. For example, “President Trump, will you publicly denounce white supremacy?” Mr. Wallace’s tactic here is a textbook example of the loaded question fallacy. It is akin to asking if you will commit to stop beating your wife. It is clearly a “gotcha” question.

If you answer yes, you are implicitly admitting to previous misogyny. If you answer no, then you’re admitting to currently being a wife-beater. If you refuse to play the game and try to respond with lengthier clarification, you’re interrupted and accused of violating the rules of debate, and the audience is left to believe your “equivocation” is a tacit admission to the crime.

Mr. Wallace is smart enough to know this. He was obviously pushing his own agenda — one that ignored the fact that the president has already repudiated racism multiple times.

Why didn’t Mr. Wallace ask Mr. Biden if he would publicly denounce the black supremacy of Black Lives Matter? Why didn’t he ask Mr. Biden if he condemns the ugly anti-Semitism of Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam? Why didn’t he ask Mr. Biden to repudiate the divisive rhetoric of Critical Race Theory? Why didn’t Chris Wallace ask any of these questions? The answer is clear: He had an agenda and failed to hide it.

However ugly the debate was, conservatives will still support candidates who are pro-life, pro-religious freedom, and pro-Constitution.  Even if they think President Trump is a jerk, they will vote for him because of his ‘America First’ agenda.

Most people don’t remember that President Trump didn’t fare well in the first debate against Hillary Clinton. He bounced back in true Trump fashion, and demolished her in debates #2 and #3. I have no doubt that history will repeat itself.

Keep the faith, my friends.

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