Ilhan Omar attempts, we said “Attempts” to make a rational thought as she suggested to cancel student debt simply apply the G.I. Bill to everyone.

Minnesota Democrat Rep. Ilhan Omar facing defeat in the 2020 election is trying to bribe people for their votes with Bernie Sanders like freebies.

Also, way to completely miss the “ethos” of the GI Bill. I’m pretty sure that sacrificing your life in the line of duty, for a bunch of ungrateful liberals, to ensure our land is protected does NOT align with giving away free stuff simply because there are living, breathing humans.

If you want more money for schooling but you don’t want to serve in the military, you can do what the rest of us are doing: do well academically so you can earn additional funding, apply for scholarships and grants, and the craziest concept of all – saving your money.

Additionally, you’ll actually value the education you are earning when your success depends on your efforts beforehand and during the process of earning it!

Writing off debts only frees individuals of maintaining accountability, which will inevitably create a ripple of negative effects down the line.


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