Ilhan Omar Antisemitism

You’ve probably sorted through plenty of year-end lists by now, it being January., an anti-hate group that “expos[es] antisemitism from the radical left, the religious extreme, and the alt-right” was a little late to the party with its “Antisemite of the Year” award, only announcing it Monday.

This is a surprise, considering that it seems like it should have been a lock from the get-go. And yet, even at that, it got plenty of pushback on social media.

In what was no doubt the anticlimax of the year, the group’s anti-Semite of the year is indeed Rep. Ilhan Omar, Democrat of Minnesota. Omar only took office in January of last year but had an impressive rookie season with “the squad.”

Here’s a greatest hits video assembled by the folks at

Democrats Cry Ilhan Omar Antisemitism? What Antisemitism?

Even after all this, she didn’t get too much of a chastising from Democratic leadership. It wasn’t until she accused Jewish Americans of dual loyalties — just weeks after this hot mess, she told an audience in Washington that “I want to talk about the political influence in this country that says it is OK to push for allegiance to a foreign country” — that her party got around to wagging a very flaccid finger in her face.

Apparently, Pelosi thought Omar had somehow come upon all of these tired anti-Jewish tropes entirely by accident. However, one individual who thought this wasn’t exactly felicity in reverse was David Duke. Duke — the prolific bigot, former KKK third-degree super wizard (or whatever) and serially failed political candidate — lent his support to Omar in the wake of the controversy:

Isn’t that nice: Duke has finally found an African-American liberal he can support.



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