Rep. Ilhan Omar has sparked scrutiny after posting her latest illegal fundraising scheme in a tweet that was soon questioned by the director of the project who Omar claimed to be raising funds for.

The repugnant Minnesota Democrat congresswoman tweeted — then deleted — a message asking for contributions to help a Minnesota food bank.

As it turned out, the link she provided in the tweet was not for the organization at all but directed to the Democrats fundraising PAC ‘ActBlue

Act Blue is a PAC that provides online fundraising tools for Democrats such as AOC and her Squad of pathetic progressives.

“As Minnesotans struggle with hunger, I’m partnering with @MNFoodShare and other local groups that pack and deliver meals to students and families,” the tweet read.

“Chip in $5 today to power their efforts to keep our communities fed!” Omar added but included the ActBlue link.

Ilhan Omar Deletes Fundraising Tweet After Being Called Out

The egregious freshman House Democrat deleted her tweet soon after she was called out by Adrienne Dorn the GMCC organization’s Executive Director since 2018.

“Ilhan Omar had nothing to do with this project. I do not know where this money is going to,” 

Adrienne Dorn Minnesota GMCC deletes Ilhan Omar Tweet

Astonishingly, after calling out Ilhan Omar’s illegal fundraiser, Dorn for some unexplained reason deleted her tweet as well?

Seems as if Ilhan Omar sent her campaign goons to strong-arm, threaten, or simply bribe the Minnesota Food share organization into removing the tweet.

As we all know in the Democrats revisionist history world.

If the original tweet doesn’t exist then all those screenshots from Conservative posters are the dastardly work of those Islamophobe Russian bots.

TuskerDaily Will Be Filing An FEC Complaint Against Ilhan Omar.

On Monday, May 10, will be filing a formal Federal Elections Commission (FEC) complaint against Ilhan Omar’s for her latest illegal fundraiser.

At this point, there has been no response from Adrian Dorn, or GMCC over TuskerDaily’s request for information on why Dorn suddenly deleted her tweet without explanation?


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