Ilhan Omar Cites Apartheid To Justify MLB Boycott Of Georgia

Ilhan Omar Cites Apartheid To Justify MLB Boycott Of Georgia
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Rep. Ilhan Omar said Sunday she supports boycotts in Georgia over the state’s new voting laws — breaking with activist Stacey Abrams on the issue.

Ilhan Omar Egregiously Cites Apartheid

Speaking to CNN’s “State of the Union,” Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) was asked if she agreed with Major League Baseball’s decision to pull its All-Star Game from Atlanta in protest of the law.

“We know that boycotts have allowed for justice to be delivered in many spaces. The civil rights movement was rooted in boycotts. We know that you know, apartheid ended in South Africa because of boycotts,” the progressive Minnesota congresswoman said.

“So our hope is that you know, this boycott will result in changes in the law because we understand that when you restrict people’s ability to vote, you create a democracy that isn’t fully functioning for all of us, and if we are to continue to be beacon of hope for all democracies around the world, we must stand our ground,”

Almost Jake…Almost

As you just watched, Jake Tapper almost got there, but as usual, the Clown News Network host fell just a wee bit short.

Tapper rightfully pointed out that as we explain in more detail below, Georgia’s new election laws are still less restrictive than many long-time Democrat-controlled states, including Joe Biden’s home state of Deleware.

But instead of Jake Tapper asking Ilhan Omar:

‘Why should Major League Baseball punish workers, many of whom are minorities, by moving the All-Star game out of Atlanta when Georgia’s election laws are far less restrictive than many Democrat-run states?

Tapper threw Ilhan Omar a slow-pitch softball.

Georgia’s Election Laws Doesn’t Come Close To The Crap the Democrats are trying to shovel.

As we had written earlier, Ilhan Omar backing the MLB boycott, Broke with Democrat activist Stacey Abrams.

Abrams, the state’s failed 2018 Democratic gubernatorial candidate, made her case against a boycott in an op-ed published Wednesday by USA Today.

Of course, her case against Georgia’s election laws involved presenting a dumbed downed versions of her reasonings. While blatantly leaving out the very facts that would make any sane person say “what’s wrong with that?’

For example, Stacey Abrams cried that Georgia’s new election laws criminalizing a person handing out water to voters who had been waiting in line for hours.

Hysterically, this is the very same reason Joe Biden whined about when he called Georgia’s new Voting laws an ‘Atrocity’ during his first press conference.

Except it does nothing of the sort

Georgia made it a felony for Political PACs, Out-of-state political organizations, and party electioneers to hand out water to people in line to vote

For example, a person wearing a “Biden2024” T-shirt, going to each voter standing in line and handing them a “Biden2024” bottle of water.

Hilariously, the Democrats conveniently forget to tell Americans that all 50-states have this same exact law.

The only difference between these laws is essentially how many feet an electioneer must be from the front of the polling entrance and/or line.

MLB Goes Woke On A Lie and Cancels MLB All-Star Game In Atlanta

The day after Governor Kemp signed it into law, President Joe Biden called Georgia’s new election law bill “Atrocious” while labeling it as “Jim Crow on steroids”

But last Wednesday, during the ESPN interview, Biden went even further saying he would “strongly support” the calls to MLB to move their 2021 all-star game out of Georgia in protest.

“I think today’s professional athletes are acting incredibly responsibly,

I would strongly support them in doing that. People look to them. They are leaders.”

So with President Joe Biden giving him cover, MLB commissioner Rob Manfred announced that the 2021 All-Star Game will be relocated from the Atlanta area, a city with six black mayors among its past seven because Manfred claimed that Georgia’s newly passed voting rules are racist.

Of course, Manfred didn’t bother to explain exactly how they were racist, but as many of you know.

When it comes to appeasing the Liberal cancel culture mob as long as you’re spewing ‘feelings’ then everything’s golden.

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  1. Ilan is just as stupid and it seems she hates America so why did she leave her beautiful Somalia, she should have stayed there or go back and fight for her people instead she I always criticizing the US


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