New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s use of an animated rap video to urge black people to get Covid-19 vaccines has gone down like a lead balloon, getting ratioed on Twitter and called “insulting,” “racist” and “condescending.”

Cuomo tweeted the cartoon on Thursday, calling it a “great video” and saying, “Let’s fight fear with facts.” The video features 1980s rap star Darryl ‘DMC’ McDaniels, formerly of Run-DMC, telling his audience to take the vaccine so “we can get back to normal.”

The song repeatedly urges listeners to trust in the safety of the Covid-19 vaccines, saying, “If Doc says it’s good, then trust me it’s good,” and “Time for us to trust and not debate the vaccine, believe it’s safe to take.” 

And contrary to Cuomo’s line about fighting fear with facts, the video features a giant virus droplet chasing a black man down the street as the rapper says, “This Covid thing is real, and it will find you. It’s killing our people, let me remind you.”

Simply can’t imagine the vitriol if President Donald Trump tweeted out something like this?

I do know Trump one thing that would happen. Trump would be facing his third Democrat Impeachment hoax trial.

Cuomo Gets Slammed For Pandering Rap Video 

Conservative activist Rod Smith, who is black, called the video “pathetic and offensive,” saying that it reflects the view of white liberals that black people are stupid.

“Can you imagine for one moment if a conservative or Republican politician decided to get local rappers and to make rapping cartoon characters into a PSA to try to get black people to take a coronavirus vaccine?

The woke left’s minds and their brains would totally explode because of this. But because this is Governor Cuomo, because this is a liberal, then he’s going to get away with it.”


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