With the 2022 elections still a long way off and Former President Donald Trump having retired to Florida, the liberal social media Trump Deranged ‘Orange Man Bad’ mob delusionally have #ImStillWithHer ‘What-If’ fantasies starring Hillary Clinton trending on Twitter.

Having safely stolen the 2020 election for Joe Biden, Twitter’s keyboard-warrior #Resistance fighters have struggled to find something to be outraged about.

In truth, getting Mr. Potato Head castrated so the former ‘Mr.’ is NOW gender-neutral can only take you so far.

So, until we’re closer to the 2022 election, or Trump hashtags #Trump2024, the liberal twittering twit cellar dwellers need something to troll about.

Hillary Clinton lawyer Marc Elias appeared to have thrown the liberal twittering twits a life-line to grab on to.

In what appeared to be an effort to promote the work of his latest project, Democracy Docket.

Hillary ClintonBodyCount attorney updated an oldie but a goodie hashtag from Hillary’s 2016 #ImWithHer losing campaign.

The #ImStillWithHer Hashtag Had Hillary Clinton’s Mentally Challenged Social Media Morons All Giddy


  1. WHO??????? The irrelevant, alcoholic, epileptic bitch? Those guys really need a life.

  2. So suddenly Trump is still deep in the minds of the weak ! Leat we forget many, many , many of those covid deaths happened in Democrat controlled areas thru miss management and poor leadership ! Please explain how that was Trumps fault ?And now we have a total mess at the border brought about by the Clown Prince’s mismanagement Of immigration rules ! Unlike you fools I wish Trump was still in office !


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