Joe Biden, try as he might, couldn’t keep the inhumane conditions from inside his rushed Migrant Children facilities from being exposed as damning new photos which were taken by Democratic Texas Rep. Henry Cuellar.

The photos provide a harrowing first look inside Joe Biden’s Migrant Children facilities which the Biden administration spent weeks desperately trying to cover-up.

The photos, obtained by Axios, reveal something most Americans already knew or at least suspected.

A deteriorating situation inside Joe Biden’s migrant facilities as America’s Southern border due to the Biden administration’s reversal of former President Trump’s successful immigration policies.

The pictures show migrants huddled around what Texas Governor Greg Abbott described on Friday as inhumane conditions.

As TuskerDaily reported Governor Abbot opened a probe into conditions at the Pecos detention center for unaccompanied minors.

The fourth such facility that Joe Biden rushed to open and one in which Governor Abbot exposed as facing a Covid-19 outbreak.

According to reports over 10% of the illegal immigrants being held at the Midland & Carrizo Springs facilities have tested positive for COVID-19.

The alarming photos show migrant children crowded together in disturbingly tight quarters with little-to-no-privacy, and certainly not the social distancing that Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas claimed was the cause for the lack of available holding facilities.

It should be clear to everyone why minors were held separately from adults under the Trump administration.

The views inside the facility are horrifically bad and speak to the utter failure of Joe Biden and the Democrats’ open border policy.

Photos Of Migrant Children Facilities

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Migrant Children Facilities Photos Destroy The Biden Administration’s Weeks of Denial of a Border Crisis

Despite the Biden administration’s weeks of denials in which the migrant border crisis was merely ‘a a challenge.

Not even the Democrats vaunted media apologist can hide the fact of the horrendous conditions taking place inside Joe Biden’s migrant children ‘kids in cages’ camps.

Or the fact that the Biden administration’s open border policies are fueling the rampant influx of unaccompanied minors illegally crossing America’s Southern Border, as Axios reported:

“The number of migrant family members caught crossing the southwest border more than doubled between January and February — rising from 7,000 to nearly 19,000, according to the most recently released agency data,” 

In addition, TuskerDaily informed our readers on Saturday that the United States currently has over 15,500 unaccompanied minors being detained by ICE. And that number is increasing by 500 per day.

Of course, the detaining of migrant children was lambasted by Democrats under the Trump administration

But the same Democrats who screeched “kids in cages” are now defending the practice because as White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki hysterical shrieked ‘Joe Biden’s ‘Kids In Cages’ aren’t the same as Trump’s ‘Kids In Cages”

In fact, last week Rep. Linda Sanchez (D-California) who was known for quickly pouncing on the Trump administration whenever, for short periods of time, they were forced to restrict access to the media.

Sanchez exposed herself as nothing more than a typical leftist hypocrite as she appeared on CNN and defended Joe Biden’s lack of transparency at the very same migrant children facilities she tore into former President Donald Trump for.

The egregious California Congresswoman NOW shockingly claims it’s ‘not appropriate for the media to see the conditions of Biden’s ‘Kids in Cages’ because they aren’t “permanent”?

While Biden’s White House has taken some heat from unlikely Democrat apologists, such as CNN, and The New York Times for doing exactly what Trump had done in holding thousands of unaccompanied minors in migrant children facilities.

The Biden administration does differ from the Trump administration in one significant regard.

Instead of sending unaccompanied minors back to Mexico to await their turn in seeking asylum in the United States as the Trump administration had done.

Joe Biden on day one of his presidency signed an executive order that ended Trump’s ‘Return To Mexico’ policy which encouraged unaccompanied minors to come to America.

Making these hideous photos even more damning is the Biden administration attempting to keep under wraps their sheltering of illegal immigrants at hotels at a cost to American taxpayers of an estimated 86 million dollars.

Watch the Biden Administration Blaming Trump For The Crisis They Deny is Happening


  1. China Joe Xiden screwed the pooch on this one for sure ! This is the worst it has ever been !

    He is not nor will he ever be presidential material !

  2. The humane thing to do for all people concerned is send them back to where they came from. We already have enough parasites with BLM, Antifa, Congress and the Senate.

  3. They should have known what was waiting for them when they left to come here. Maybe they should call back home and tell others how it is ……Send them back to where they came from..

  4. Send them all back and have them come in the right way. There is an Immigration policy for our Country and it needs to be followed. They can also help them where they are at in the Country they came from. We Americans give Billions of money to other Countries and it is time we work for our Veterans and our Americans FIRST.

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