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Is Joe Biden Taking Adderall or Ritalin For His Dementia? Because over the past few days the Joe Biden that America witnessed in California, and Florida was vastly different than the one that appeared on last night’s CNN Town Hall.

With little more than a week before the first presidential debate between Joe Biden and President Donald Trump takes place there is a great fear among Democrats.

The Democrat angst is due to the fact that every time Dementia Joe ventures outside of his basement, he often loses his train of thought, cuts off what he’s saying mid-sentence, and seems to be unable to read, or at least comprehend what his handlers had written on Biden’s teleprompter.

Here’s a recent example of Joe Biden dialogue…verbatim:

“I carry with me — I don’t have it. I gave it, I gave it to my staff. I carry it with me in my pocket a — do I have that around anyone? Where’s my staff? I gave it away anyway …”

But watching Joe Biden last night during his CNN Town Hall his brain seemed to be firing on all cylinders.

Many Joe Biden apologists claim he only seems sharper due to the venue, and the environment in which he’s talking in.

But amazingly, during every single one of the Democrats’ quadrillion primary debates, America witnessed the same old ‘Slow Joe.’

Of course, if President Donald Trump’s brain was seen magically switching on and off like a light switch, it’s guaranteed the mainstream media would be throwing around accusations left and right more left.

If any of the liberal mob wants to screech “TuskerDaily, How Dare You!” then save your breath.

Back in 2017, CNN seemed to have no problem lecturing America that “Yes, it’s OK to question Trump’s mental health”.

So if the liberal social media mob had no problem then, then that gives TuskerDaily permission today to question if Joe Biden is being prescribed medication to stave off his cognitive decline.

At least we have hours of video showing Joe Biden stumbling and bumbling his way through a speech, or news conference. CNN’s idiocy is based solely on Trump calling the mainstream media ‘Fake News’ after they continually get caught lying to the public.

For example, their reporting that Donald Trump called ALL illegal immigrants “Animals,” and that the President described Charlottesville white supremacists as being “Very Fine People“.

But as America soon discovered it CNN ass-kissing apologists such as Don Lemon, and Brian Stelter, or MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough, and Nicolle Wallace who were the unhinged psychotic liars.

Mainstream Media Covers Up Joe Biden’s Dementia

Despite hours of Joe Biden gaffes, practically none of Biden’s bumbling and stumbling over words is shown on the network news.
The reason, of course, is obvious as these so-called “news network reporters” are nothing more than Democrat pundits with press passes.
As this video shows the Joe Biden we saw on September 14th, 15th, and 16th, was nothing like the Joe Biden that appeared on CNN’s Town Hall on the 17th.

Watch Joe Biden on and off whatever medications his Democrat handlers are prescribing:

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