President Trump’s days in office may be numbered, but delusional liberals, Mainstream media outlets, and Never Trumper’s seem desperate to get spin one last conspiracy before President Donald Trump leaves office this time Trump’s planning a Xmas Eve Coup d’etat
Bill Kristol, founder of the now-defunct political rag ‘The Weekly Standard, for perhaps the last time, looked into his crystal ball of Trump hate, and witnessed Trump and his radical band of fascist fanatics overthrowing the American government on Christmas eve. 

Kristol then took to Twitter on Wednesday to sound the alarm about Trump’s violent end to the year of years.

Shockingly, not shockingly, Kristol’s cockamamie conspiracy is based on 2nd and 3rd hand hearsay.

Evidence be damned, Bill Kristol tweeted that President Trump’s firing of Attorney General William Barr possibly foreshadows a…

Xmas Eve Coup d’etat

Since CNN Couldn’t, Maybe Bill Kristol Could 

Just last week we reported on CNN shrieking that according to a source, who wasn’t there but talked to someone who talked to someone supposedly in the room.

President Trump oversaw a White House meeting in which according to the Clown News Network’s source, of a source, of a source, declaring Martial Law was discussed.

In that article, TuskerDaily asked CNN one simple question, which they never responded, but hopefully, Bill Kristol will:

What military leader and/or branch of service is on board with Donald Trump overthrowing the American government?

One would think at least one of these dimwits would have had sense enough to ask this vitally important question.

After all, it’ll be just a wee bit hard for Donald Trump to take over America by himself.

But despite the absolute absurdity of CNN’s ‘Is Trump Planning To Invoke Martial Law?’ to now Bill Kristol’s Trump’s planning a Christmas Eve Coup d’etat hysterics…

The Twittering Twits Believe

After witnessing the hysteria running amok on Twitter over these past four years.

It came as no surprise to see more than a few unhinged liberals taking this latest Trump idiocy, seriously.

Among them were Vox’s Aaron Rupar, CNN contributor Julian Zelizer, and David Corn.

Corn BTW holds the dubious honor of being the first news editor to write up the ‘Steele Dossier’ – the debunked flaming pile of anti-Trump poop that helped the Democrats kickstart the ‘Russiagate’ investigation.

Feelings Aren’t Facts

Every single time the #resistance starts to spew their latest, greatest Trump-hate conspiracy, you can be assured of two things:

#1 Facts take a back seat to reality. 

#2- No matter how many times you’ve been proven wrong in the past, the mob will still believe you.

Something that journalist Glenn Greenwald pointed out in his tweet:

“It is genuinely astonishing that after all these years, and all the outright lies Kristol has told, that gullible people treat his claims about secret conversations he had with anonymous sources — ones which *always* perfectly coincide with his political agenda — as credible,” .


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