Jill Biden puts to rest the ‘Joe Biden will not debate President Trump,’ of course, as we know, a Democrats ‘Fact’ on Monday, can quickly turn to a ‘feeling’ by Tuesday.

As TuskerDaily has been reporting, the Democrats’ through their mainstream media cohorts like the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Boston Herald, Newsweek, and CNN are pushing their latest agenda that Joe Biden should skip the presidential debates with Donald Trump.

It all seems to me to be the media Democrats sending up a trial balloon to see if their idiocy is accepted as a brilliant idea with the social media mob.

Of course, these pundits claim it’s due to the Washington Post’s imbecilic ‘Donald Trump has told 20,000 lies‘ which supposedly proves that Trump can’t be trusted.

But as we know, they simply fear a nationwide ‘Joe Biden steps on a rake moment‘ that utterly destroys any chance to win the 2020 Presidential election.

So, Fox News’ Dana Perino went to Jill Biden for the definitive answer, and she said that yes, Joe will be there for the debates.

Of course, Jill Biden didn’t say in what condition Joe Biden will be in…

Joe Biden, Donald Trump Presidential Debate

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