Jill and Joe Biden

The Joe Biden campaign appears to have found a new way to hide his onrushing dementia.

After Biden’s campaign staff saw Clueless Joe stumbling and bumbling over every fifth word when trying to speak off the cuff.

And after watching him sputtering ‘5, no 4, umm 6’ as Joe looked at a picture, making a valiant attempt to remember just how many grandchildren he has.

But after poor old Joe Biden, even with cue cards, couldn’t tell you what state he’s in, the Biden campaign pivoted to a new strategy.

Appearing with his wife Jill Biden via a video published by The Hill.

Joe Biden stands there staring straight ahead at the camera, blankly looking into the camera as if someone told him…

Joe?…Joe?…Look over here Joe! Goo. Now, Joe, we’re gonna play a game of charades and your card says “Cardboard Cutout,” Now Go!

The Jill Biden video is one of the more cringe-inducing things you’ll see today.

But props to old Clueless. Joe was lucid enough to remember to smile when his wife called his name toward the end of the video. 

Of course, after hearing Jill speak his name… What little remains of Joe Biden’s mind could have just been happily screaming, “Yippee! That Woman Said It’s Jello Time!”

Unfortunately, no matter why he smiled, Joe Biden’s ‘Happy Place’ expression took ‘Cringe-worthy’ to a whole new level.

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