Jim Carrey Art Depicts Trump in a Toilet Bowl Full of Excrement

Jim Carrey the left-wing activist unleashed his latest politically charged, anti-Trump drawing, this time depicting the president cleaning an excrement-filled toilet of his “scandals.”

The latest liberal loony toon drawing from Jim Carrey shows Trump wielding a toilet brush with his face in what is presumably a toilet around the rim of which contains brown blotches with the charges that Carry thinks Trump perpetrated.

Those charges include many of the lies foisted on the country by the Democrat Party with its much-derided articles of impeachment.

The toilet bowl features charges such as “abuse of power,” “lies,” “extortion,” “bribery,” “election meddling,” and many other false charges leveled by the Democrats.

Carry has a nearly three-year-long history, now, of posting his primitive-style art pieces attacking President Trump and his family.

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