Jimmy Kimmel shrieked that Vice-President Mike Pence doesn’t deserve to get the Covid-19 vaccine. Instead, Pence should be given a bottle of bleach and a heat lamp.

You got to love this latest idiocy from the party preaching “unity” and “healing.”

Kimmel joked on his show Thursday night about plans for Pence and his wife, Karen, to be publicly inoculated on Friday to demonstrate that the new Covid-19 vaccine is safe.

He noted that Pence, who heads the White House Coronavirus Task Force, wrote a Wall Street Journal op-ed article in June arguing that alarm bells over a second wave of Covid-19 infections was media hysteria.

“Maybe save that dose for somebody else,” Kimmel said of Pence’s vaccination. “The only cure Mike Pence should get right now is a bottle of Clorox and a heat lamp,” he added, an apparent reference to false media reports that Trump suggested using bleach injections to cure Covid-19 patients.

Of course, Jimmy Kimmel overlooked the fact that if not for President Trump and VP Mike Pence there wouldn’t have been a COVID-19 vaccine in 2020.

Maybe this will help remind Jimmy Kimmel how his beloved Liberal Media called Trump a liar

After President Trump pledged to develop and distribute a COVID-19 vaccine by the end of 2020.

The mainstream media’s so-called ‘experts’ called Trump a liar, and swore it would take a ‘Medical Miracle’ for this POS President to keep his promise.

Still waiting for their apology.



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