Wow, 36 days into Joe Biden’s administration and Progressive Democrats are already having buyer’s remorse.

Progressive Democrats are feeling shafted by Joe Biden, after the president shied away from fighting the Senate for a minimum wage hike, but launched missiles at Syria.

Democrats also became unhinged after Joe Biden reopened Obama/Trump ‘Kids In Cages’ Child Migrant camps…Yes, the same ones that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris screeched about during the 2020 Presidential campaign.

Not only that Senate Parliamentarian Elizabeth MacDonoughm put the kibosh on the Democrats’ proposed $15 national minimum wage increase.

MacDonough, a Democrat who serves as a referee of sorts in the upper house, ruled that it couldn’t be included in President Biden’s bloated white-hating $1.9 trillion Covid-19 stimulus bill’

But Joe Biden could have, through Vice President Kamala Harris, overrule the parliamentarian.

However, being the spineless jellyfish he is has opted not to.

Biden’s word salad spewing Press Secretary Jen Psaki told reporters afterward:

“President Biden is disappointed in this outcome. But he respects the parliamentarian’s decision and the Senate’s process.”

Progressives Buyer’s Remorse

Progressive Democrats

Aside from the minimum wage debate, Biden has angered progressives by capping stimulus checks at $1,400 instead of the $2,000 he promised on the campaign trail.

Reneging on his promise to push the Covid-19 relief act through Congress the moment he took office.

And Joe Biden doing a complete 180 on his promise to use an Executive Order to forgive Student Loans.


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