Joe Biden ‘Coronavirus Crisis Offers An Opportunity’ For Liberal Stupidity

Clueless Joe Biden
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Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden says the coronavirus crisis offers an “opportunity” to fundamentally change the way Americans live.

Not waiting for the bodies of those who succumbed to the Coronavirus, during Thursday’s CNN town hall, Joe Biden spewed “I think we have to look at it totally differently than we have before.” 

When Biden was asked if he’s now willing to consider universal health care, basic income or other liberal ‘Free, NOT Free’ idiocy, Biden said:

“And I think the way to get through this is we have to deal with stimulating the economy, but then we have to deal with recovery. And the way you deal with recovery is you think much bigger than we have before.”

Biden went to the Democrats go-to guy, President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s and his instituting the New Deal, a series of 1930s public works projects in the aftermath of the Great Depression.

Like any Democrat who believes in never letting a crisis go to waste, Biden suggested that “every great change” in America has started with something horrific.

“And I think we have an opportunity now to significantly change the mindset of the American people, things they weren’t ready to do, you know, even two, three years ago.

They’re now going, ‘Oh, my Lord, look at all those people out there making minimum wage who are saving their lives, look at all out there people out there stocking the shelves, look at the all people who are making sure that they’re sanitizing the areas you go into.

 These are people that need to be treated better. I think you’re going to see minimum wages go up.”

The former veep whose on the verge of dementia also said America’s economic recovery should address “global warming” and incorporate environmental policy.

“We have an opportunity now to take in a recovery act, a real recovery. We can fundamentally change the science relating to global warming. And we can create, seriously create 10 million good-paying jobs. We can do it. It’s within our power to do it.”

Seriously, is Joe Biden working for Trump2020? Because the more Clueless Joe spews his liberal Utopian ideas, the larger President Trump’s landslide victory becomes. 

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Joe Biden Spewing His (Looks At Notes) Idiocy During CNN’s Biden2020 Infomercial

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