On Friday, actress Mia Farrow started the ball rolling on the Democrats’ latest unhinged Trump’Hate USPS Conspiracy Theory after she posted a picture of a truck carrying dozens of United States Postal Service mailboxes which were being removed in Portland, Oregon.

Joe Biden and The Democrats ‘Feelings Are More Factual Than Facts’ Liberal Logic Rears It’s Ugly Head…AGAIN!

One would expect the leftist mob’s twittering twits to claim that the picture is proof that the evil dictator Donald Trump was suppressing the mail-in vote by removing all of Portland’s USPS mailboxes.

Of course, if Democrats such as Adam Schiff, or Eric Swalwell declared this picture was more than enough evidence to launch ‘Trump Impeachment Part VII,’ no one in America would be shocked.

And who could be surprised if upon seeing the photo if stuttering alcoholic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi turned to Chuck Schumer and screeched…”Chucky, hold my drink”.

But what was shocking is the fact that Joe Biden, the Democrats 2020 nominee for President swallowed this TMZ-like evidence hook, line, and sinker.

As reported by @ABC news reporter Johnny Verhovek Joe Biden, commented on the photo at a fundraiser Friday night, saying:

“They’re going around literally with tractor-trailers picking up mailboxes. You oughta go online and check out what they’re doing in Oregon. I mean, it’s bizarre!”

Joining Joe Biden in Liberal La La Land was none other than Obama’s for National Security Advisor and former United States ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice.

Hot on the heels of Susan Rice spewing her idiocy was Hillary Clinton’s former national press secretary Brian Fallon:

If Only Joe Biden and the Democrats knew of a Website Called Google

Once you get past the headline, or in this case the picture. Any sane person could have Googled “Why is Portland, Oregon removing USPS mailboxes?” and they would’ve have been provided an answer:

The Democrats Mental Midget USPS Conspiracy Theory

Upon hearing about the Democrats’ latest delusion collusion, before I had even seen the photo, my first thought was “Why Portland?”

If President Donald Trump was trying to suppress the vote by removing USPS mailboxes wouldn’t doing it in a city such as Detroit, Michigan, or Richmond Virginia, have a much greater impact, considering their what the so-called political experts call “Swing States.”

But, no. Democrats went with the theory ‘Trump is just itching for those 7 electoral votes in Red State Oregon, rather than Virginia’s 12 votes, or Michigan’s 16.’

And Republican pollster Logan Dobson had a similar thought.