As Joe Biden continues to stumble and bumble his way across Europe, here are his 10 most embarrassing moments…SO FAR!

Needless to say whatever Biden is mumbling it needs to be fact-checked. However, we do know one undeniable fact…

The mainstream media’s gushing about President Biden’s first foreign trip overseas as President of the United States hasn’t aged well.

Biden’s declining cognitive abilities have been a complete and total embarrassment for the United States. For the American people. And America’s standing in the world community.

Joe Biden’s 10 Most Embarrassing Moments From His First Foreign Trip SO FAR!

1/10  Caught Wandering Around Aimlessly 

While wearing his ‘I have Dementia safety sneakers‘ Joe was caught wandering around aimlessly at a cafe.

As if Clueless Joe was a lost puppy, Jill Biden beckoned the President of the United States to come here.


  1. 350,000,000 people in America and we get stuck with this stooge.

    Porklosi, Camala-toes and Obiden….what a comedy team.


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