Despite then-candidate Joe Biden lambasting former President Donald Trump as a dictator for signing multiple Executive Orders.

‘Hypocrite Joe’ has been far more aggressive in his use of EO’s since being sworn in as President on Jan. 20.

In fact, Joe Biden signed almost three times the number of EO’s that Trump did during his first 30-days as President in order to implement Biden’s “America Last’ policies.

Dictator Joe Biden’s Executive Orders

In his first 30-days in office, President Joe Biden set the record in the number of executive orders he signed.

A record that Franklin Delano Roosevelt held since 1933.

Joe Biden sets record for signing Executive Orders in first 30-days

President Joe Biden’s ‘America LastExecutive Orders/Executive Actions

Below is a table showing the executive orders that Joe Biden has signed since his first day in office, as well as other executive actions that have followed or have been announced as expected.

Re-engage with World Health OrganizationEnd withdrawal processJan. 20
Organizing and Mobilizing the United States Government To Provide a Unified and Effective Response To Combat COVID-19Executive orderJan. 20
Rejoin Paris climate agreement To Tackle the Climate CrisisSign an “instrument”Jan. 20
Revoke permit for Keystone XL pipeline, pause energy leasing in ANWRExecutive orderJan. 20
Ask agencies to extend eviction/foreclosure moratoriumsRequestJan. 20
Ask Education Dept. to extend student-loan pauseRequestJan. 20
Advancing Racial Equity, end “1776 Commission”
Executive orderJan. 20
Revoke order that aims to exclude undocumented immigrants from censusExecutive orderJan. 20
Preserve/fortify DACA, which helps “Dreamers”MemorandumJan. 20
Requiring all Federal employees to wear a mask and social distance on all Fed properties 
Executive orderJan. 20
Reverse travel ban targeting primarily Muslim countries orderJan. 20
Stop construction of border wallProclamationJan. 20
Combat discrimination on the Basis of Gender Identity or Sexual OrientationExecutive orderJan. 20
Require Ethics Commitments by Executive Branch Personnel
Executive orderJan. 20
Modernize and improve regulatory reviewMemorandumJan. 20
End Trump’s “harsh and extreme immigration enforcement”Executive orderJan. 20
Extend protection from deportation for Liberians in U.S.MemorandumJan. 20
Revoke certain executive orders concerning federal regulationExecutive orderJan. 20
Freeze any new or pending regulationsMemorandumJan. 20
Fill supply shortfalls in fight vs. COVID-19 with Defense Production Act, other measuresExecutive orderJan. 21
Increase FEMA reimbursement to states for National Guard, PPEMemorandumJan. 21
Establish “COVID-19 Pandemic Testing Board,” expand testingExecutive orderJan. 21
Bolster access to COVID-19 treatments and clinical careExecutive orderJan. 21
Improve collection/analysis of COVID-related dataExecutive orderJan. 21
Mount vaccination campaign amid goals such as 100 million shots in 100 daysDirectivesJan. 21
Provide guidance on safely reopening schoolsExecutive orderJan. 21
OSHA guidance for keeping workers safe from COVID-19Executive orderJan. 21
Require face masks at airports, other modes of transportationExecutive orderJan. 21
Establish a “COVID-19 Health Equity Task Force”Executive orderJan. 21
Support international response to COVID-19, “restore U.S. global leadership”DirectiveJan. 21
Ask agencies to boost food aid, improve delivery of stimulus checksExecutive orderJan. 22
Restore collective bargaining power for federal workersExecutive orderJan. 22
Repeal ban on transgender people serving openly in U.S. militaryExecutive orderJan. 25
Tighten ‘Buy American’ rules in government procurementExecutive orderJan. 25
Reinstate coronavirus travel restrictions on Brazil, most of EuropeProclamationJan. 25
End the Justice Department’s use of private prisonsExecutive orderJan. 26
Directs HUD to address discriminatory housing practicesMemorandumJan. 26
Combat racism against Asian-Americans, Pacific IslandersMemorandumJan. 26
Directs agencies to engage in consultations with tribal governmentsMemorandumJan. 26
Pause new oil and gas leasing on U.S. lands/waters, elevate climate change as national-security, foreign-policy priorityExecutive orderJan. 27
Re-establish President’s Council of Advisors on Science and TechnologyExecutive orderJan. 27
Directs agencies to make decisions on best available science, evidenceMemorandumJan. 27
Reopen Obamacare marketplaces, lower recent barriers to joining MedicaidExecutive orderJan. 28
Lift certain restrictions on abortion fundingMemorandumJan. 28
Keep aluminum tariffs on U.A.E., scrapping Trump administration’s exemptionProclamationFeb. 1
Begin ending “Remain in Mexico” program, “restore” U.S. asylum systemExecutive orderFeb. 2
Start rollback of “public charge rule” (which imposes a wealth test on would-be immigrants), review other recent barriers to legal immigrationExecutive orderFeb. 2
Create task force to reunite migrant families separated at the borderExecutive orderFeb. 2
Retroactively reimburse states fully for FEMA-eligible costs tied to COVIDMemorandumFeb. 2
Rebuild U.S. refugee resettlement programExecutive orderFeb. 4
Expand protection of LGBTQ people around the worldMemorandumFeb. 4
Prevent Myanmar military from accessing propertyExecutive orderFeb. 11
Reestablish the White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships to help address the needs of low-income peopleExecutive orderFeb. 14
Rescind a Trump order creating industry-led apprenticeship programsExecutive orderFeb. 17
Review supply chains for semiconductors and other ‘critical goods’Executive orderFeb. 24
Revoke Trump proclamations that aimed to suspend the entry of immigrants during the coronavirus crisisProclamationFeb. 24
Revokes a range of Trump orders, such as one targeting “anarchist” citiesExecutive orderFeb. 24
*** Two executive orders to “advance gender equity and opportunity for women”Executive ordersExpected March 8

Source: Biden administration

*** White House press secretary Jen Psaki said at a briefing Friday that Joe Biden on Monday, March 8, 2021,  “will sign two executive orders to advance gender equity and opportunity for women.”

Joe Biden’s ‘Do As I Say, Not As I Do’  Executive Order Hypocrisy

Speaking of the White House’s egregious liar and spinner of truth Jen Psaki.

Here’s how Psaki spun Biden’s Hypocrisy in calling Trump a dictator for his Executive orders, but Joe Biden isn’t one.

Despite the fact that during his first month as President, Joe Biden has signed more EO’s than not only Trump but every other American President in History:



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