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Can you imagine the uproar, not to mention watching CNN’s resident race-baiting host Don Lemon’s head explode, if former President Donald Trump ever mistakenly used the N-word as Joe Biden did? 

But, Of course, Joe Biden using the N-word didn’t make a blip on any of the liberal-biased news networks screens.

TuskerDaily CNN Host Don Lemon Head Explodes

During a speech to the Virtual Munich Security Conference, Joe Biden suffered his worst gaffe since being sworn in as President when he accidentally said the “N” word.

“I’m either to hear, I’m eager to hear. (pause) Ni**er to hear, next from my good friends, and outstanding leaders, sanser(??) Merkel about her thoughts on the way forward together…”

WATCH Joe Biden Mistakenly Uses the N-word

Joe Biden using the N-word gaffe was so bad that even the closed captioning transcribed it.

Biden Accidentally Utters The “N” Word During Speech 1 Biden Accidentally Utters The “N” Word During Speech 2

Another Joe Biden Gaffe And Even More Confusing Comments 

After Joe Biden took a snow day last Thursday because weather forecasters were predicting 1-4″.

While speaking with reporters on Friday, Biden gave a bizarre answer when he was asked if he would be visiting the state of Texas amid their energy crisis after they were hit by a strong winter storm.

Biden tried making an excuse for why his visit was delayed and ended up rambling about incoherent nonsense.

“When the president lands in any city in America, it has a long tail, and they’re working like the devil to take care of their folks,” he said.

Biden clearly doesn’t want to visit Texas given their current state and rather sit in the Oval Office.

Watch President Trump shows a compilation of Joe Biden gaffes at 2020 campaign rally

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