F**K YOU JOE! Says Chauvin Verdict Is A Call To Root Out ‘Systemic Racism’ In America

Democratic presidential nominee former Vice President Joe Biden was blasted from both sides of the aisle after squawking Donald Trump calling COVID-19 the ‘China Virus’ proves he’s ‘America’s “first” racist president.’

When Biden was asked about Trump’s use of the term “China virus,” Clueless Joe looked down at his DNC provided script and screeched:

“The way he deals with people based on the color of their skin, their national origin, where they’re from, is absolutely sickening.”

“No sitting president has ever done this. Never, never, never. No Republican president has done this — no Democratic president. We’ve had racists, and they’ve existed, they’ve tried to get elected president. He’s the first one that has.”

He’s Not Called Dementia Joe For Nothing.

Maybe those black kids rubbing Old Joe’s leg hair made the on the verge of Dementia former VP forget that President Trump wasn’t the only one linking Wuhan, China the COVID-19 virus.

Multiple media outlets did as well, first and foremost the Democrats’ favorite race-baiting fake news network, CNN.

In fact, Biden’s idiocy about Donald Trump being a racist only comes with knowing he’s truly the only person in the room that’s a real honest to goodness 100% KKK certified racist.

Who else but a racist would say ‘Trump can’t hold China accountable because then the South Koreans would get blamed by Americans because Asians ‘All Look Alike’.

Joe Biden, Do Those Black Folk Next.

Using Joe Biden’s ‘How To Determine If Their Racists’ definition… Then CNN must belong to the KKK’s ‘White Supremacists Book of the Month’ club.

Because The Clown News Network sure loved to use Wuhan Virus, Chinese Virus, and Wuhan Chinese Virus a hell of a lot.

Here are just two examples, but more can be found on a related article we published earlier this year:

  • On January 21, 2020 – Dr Sanjay Gupta: posted a video report about six people who have died, and I’ll quote “from the Wuhan Chinese Coronavirus”
  • On January 30, 2020 – One day before the Democrats labeled President Trump a Xenophobe for issuing his travel ban on China CNN reported “First case of person-to-person transmission of Wuhan virus in the US confirmed”

And then there is this little ‘CNN Wuhan Virus; compilation from Newsbusters.

But CNN wasn’t alone in spewing their Joe Biden’s Asian ‘all look alike’ racist stupidity.

Other Media Outlets Spewing Their Own Brand Of ‘China Virus’ Racism

The Damn Racists Using ‘Chinese Virus’

Of course, we could add dozens more to these two and hundreds more for any who daring racists using “Wuhan Virus” and/or “Wuhan Chinese Virus“.

The point being while Joe Biden claims Donald Trump is a racist, maybe Dementia Joe would be so kind as to find a few video clips of him spewing a fraction of the racist nonsense Biden has spewed over the past five decades.

Just so Clueless Joe knows what we’re seeking, here’s an example:

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