President Biden on Wednesday called Russia a “great power” and appeared to nod when asked if he trusts Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Biden’s ‘iHeart Russia’ comments sents the White House into damage control amid a chaotic introduction to the leaders’ high-stakes meeting.

Biden seemed to put Russia on equal footing with the US, saying in barely audible remarks, “We’re two great powers” — before nodding after a reporter asked if he trusts the Russian leader.

The head-nod from Biden happened as US reporters and Russian security got into a near-brawl before him Wednesday in the stately Villa de la Grange in Geneva.

The shoving match drowned out most of Biden’s opening remarks and appeared to confuse the 46th president, which, of course, isn’t hard to do.


Ah, I still remember a time, long ago…In a galaxy far, far, away when former President Donald Trump said something nice about Russia.

And the Democrats and their media cohorts screeched that it proved “Trump’s Putin’s Puppet”.

Lest we forget Democrat politicians such as Adam Schiff, and Eric Swalwell whining that “Trump’s an agent of Russia”.

Joe Biden ‘iHeart Russia’ Sends White House Into Panic Mode

White House Communications Director Kate Bedingfield promptly tweeted a cleanup:

“It was a chaotic scrum with reporters shouting over each other. [Biden] was very clearly not responding to any one question, but nodding in acknowledgment to the press generally. He said just two days ago in his presser: ‘verify, then trust.’”

Joe Biden Uses Crib Notes, Confused As Ever.

  • Joe Biden at one point grabbing what appeared to be note cards from the table next to him, while Putin sat back in his chair tapping his hand on his armrest.
  • Although reporters were not scheduled to ask questions, Biden appeared confused about the summit format, leaning to Secretary of State Tony Blinken to say, “I’m not sure how this will work. One at a time?” Someone said loudly that there would be no questions. Biden said “Oh!” after Blinken relayed word to him.
  • The largely inaudible introductory remarks continued a series of press-access mishaps on Biden’s first foreign trip. On Monday, the White House scrapped a similar “pool spray” at the start of Biden’s meeting with Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan, leaving frustrated US reporters dependent on Turkey’s government for information.

Clueless Joe’s Brain Seizes Up



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