As we’ve been reporting for weeks, the Democrats along with their mainstream media cohorts have been spewing their imbecilic ‘Trump acted to slow‘ Coronavirus revisionist history.

Joe Biden Receives His Democrat Coronavirus Revisionist History Club Membership

While Joe Biden has been trying to straddle the line between ‘Feelings’ and ‘Facts’ for weeks. He finally committed to spewing the delusional Democrats’ revisionist history.

Of course, Joe Biden completely ignores the fact that not only did he accuse President Trump of being racist xenophobe for enacting his January 31st travel ban on China.

Democrats such as Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer also disparaged the president for the move.

Senator Chuck-Schumer Deleted Coronavirus-Trump racist tweet

Joe Biden now screeching “If Only Trump Acted Two Weeks Earlier” Even though only days before Trump’s January 31st China Travel Ban, the World Health Organization announced:

The Wuhan coronavirus does not yet constitute a public health emergency of international concern.

And yes, as reported by CNN, those racist at WHO called it theWuhan Coronavirus.” 

CNN wuhan Coronavirus WHO headline

Joe Biden, I’d Like To Introduce You To Reality

Byron York also took it upon himself to help Joe Biden out with his failing Coronavirus revisionist history memory.

As he posted a few photos of Joe Biden’s Detroit, Michigan’s MARCH 9th rally. And as we reported Detroit became one of the hot spots in America for the Coronavirus pandemic

Of course, these other Democrat highlights that succumbed to Clueless Joe’s Dementia:

  • Jan 14 – WHO declared no evidence of human-to-human transmission of virus.
  • Jan 31 – Trump bans travel from Wuhan, press cites “experts” claim it’s counterproductive.
  • Feb 4 – President Trump dedicates part of State of the Union Address to the Coronavirus issue, which Nancy Pelosi promptly tears up screeching ‘Lies…Lies…Nothing But Trump Lies.’
  • Feb 9 – NYC holds Chinatown parade with assurances of no danger from the mayor
  • Feb 24 – Pelosi says to shop more: “‘Come to Chinatown … come join us … It’s completely safe”

  • Feb 25 – Mardi Gras was held with few sounding the Coronavirus alarm bell.
  • Feb 26 – Pence takes over task force, daily briefings begin.
  • March 3 – NYC mayor de Blasio encourages New Yorkers to go to the movies, and party as usual.
  • March 5 – NYC mayor rides the subway to assure people it is safe to do so.
  • March 11, WHO finally acknowledges a Coronavirus pandemic

Joe Biden’s Here’s A Reminder Of The 8 Times Democrat NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio downplayed the coronavirus IN MARCH!


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