Trump Appreciates Biden’s Support of China Travel Ban

We wrote earlier how to the shock and horror of Joe Biden, the Democrats and their liberal-biased media puppets the nation’s unemployment rate dropped to 13.3%

In its monthly jobs report the Bureau of Labor Statistics stated that the US economy added 2.5 million jobs last month as the nation began its recovery from the COVID crisis.

The Democrats knowing that head-to-head Trump record as President will utterly destroy Joe Biden’s record as both a Senator and as Obama’s Vice-President.

But after the Coronavirus through a monkey wrench into America’s economic engine, the Democrats saw their chance to avoid a Trump 2020 landslide victory, by riding the coattails of America’s high unemployment rate.

In fact, as hundreds of Americans were dying daily from the COVID-19 Pandemic. The Democrats had already started egregiously campaigning that Donald Trump, not the Coronavirus, had destroyed our economy.

After April’s record 14.7% unemployment rate seen in April, Democrats and their economist cohorts predicted a 20% unemployment rate and 8 million lost jobs for May.

To their utter shock and dismay, the nation gained 2.5 million jobs as the unemployment rate dropped to 13.3%.

Of course, instead of being happy that American’s are getting back to work.

The Democrats through their media cohorts started pushing a new Trump conspiracy that somehow he made the Bureau of Labor Statistics lie in their May Jobs Report.

And you got to love NPR trying to throw the Democrats an unemployment rate lifeline.

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