Remember how President Joe Biden called Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s decision to end all the draconian COVID-19 mask mandates “Neanderthal thinking.”

Hey Joe, Who’s The Neanderthal Now

Since then, Texas’ COVID-19 numbers have only plummeted. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott relayed the latest good news on Sunday.

As Abbott wrote in a Tweet, Texas reported zero COVID deaths on Sunday, the only time that’s happened since data began to be tracked more than a year ago (March 2020).

Along with that, Texas experienced the fewest COVID cases in more than 13 months, its lowest positivity rate ever, and its lowest hospitalizations since April 2020.

On Tuesday Abbott followed up his Sunday tweet with another COVID-19 Twitter gem:


If that wasn’t enough, Texas and Mississippi each had their lowest COVID rates in one year soon after dropping their mask mandates and opening to 100% capacity.

Neanderthal thinking? Yeah, maybe the guy who didn’t make COVID political isn’t the one with the primate brain.

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