Joe Biden Lies To Iowa Voter About Trump Job Growth

Joe launched his campaign using the divisive lie that President Trump called white supremacists and neo-nazis “very fine people,” nor has he ever denounced them.

Now Clueless Joe is doubling-down on his idiocy.


In an interview this weekend with former Clinton administration communications director turned “serious” newsman, George Stephanopoulos, Joe Biden continues to push the false claim that President Trump has failed to condemn white supremacists.

The thing is, President Donald Trump has repeatedly condemned racism and white supremacy, but somehow, Clueless Joe has missed that.

Of course, he’s not alone. Many people have missed it. For some reason, that message gets buried in the news. It’s a complete mystery how that doesn’t seem to get any coverage.

So, President Trump uses Twitter to get the message out that he’s not a fan of racism of any kind.

Even when the Media(D) is forced to cover it, it still gets ignored or buried.


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