Joe Biden Plagiarizes President Trump's Coronavirus Efforts

Despite his tough rhetoric, many of the proposals Joe Biden suggested for combating the coronavirus were, in fact, already key proposals in the Trump administration’s efforts to contain COVID-19.

Of course, Joe Biden plagiarizing someone else’s idea’s isn’t earth-shattering by any means, since he has done it before.

In fact, Joe Biden was forced out of the ’88 Presidential Race after admitting to plagiarism and exaggeration of his academic record.

Evidently, Joe Biden’s didn’t learn anything from 1988, because accusations of his plagiarizing someone else’s work surfaced again after Biden launched his 2020 presidential bid in April 2019.

In July 2019, Joe Biden released his policy for tackling climate change too much liberal bias media fanfare.

However, some of the text and ideas presented Joe Biden actually been “borrowed,” without attribution, from several high-profile climate change advocacy groups.

Why Tax Your Last Remaining Brain Cell When Joe Biden Can Simply Plagiarize His Idea’s

During Joe Biden Thursday reading of what the teleprompter told him to say during his Coronavirus new conference. Many of “Joe Biden’s Original Idea’s” sounded an awful lot like what President Trump had already stated.

Joe Biden calls for “no efforts” to be spared in getting private laboratories and universities to help test for the virus. 

The suggestion mirrors a move the Trump administration took in February in ordering the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to allow hundreds of academic hospitals and private laboratories to start testing for the coronavirus.

Joe Biden’s plan argues in favor of a federal relief effort for small businesses negatively impacted by the pandemic. 

Joe Biden’s “idea” is identical to one Trump, himself, proposed on Wednesday, while addressing the nation in primetime. Trump’s version, which has been presented to Congress in the form of a $50 billion appropriation for low-interest loans to small businesses, includes detailed requirements for cost, eligibility, and implementation. Biden’s proposal, on the other hand, is vague in terms of cost, only stating the former vice president would push for the creation of a small-business loan program upon taking office.

Joe Biden proposes revising existing laws and regulations to ensure insurance companies waive co-pays and deductibles for coronavirus testing and “any eventual vaccine.” 

Except President Trump already announced that he had convinced insurance providers to commit to waiving the costs for coronavirus. Trump has also secured other important concessions, including the expansion of coverage for treatment across all insurance plans. While this means that an eventual vaccine for the virus would not necessarily be free, portions of the cost would likely be covered.

Joe Biden pledges to “accelerate” the development of a coronavirus vaccine

Again that is something the Trump administration has already undertaken and President Trump said he has already cut all the ‘red-tape’ violations that ere put in place under Obama. In January, officials from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) announced they were fast-tracking the development of a coronavirus vaccine in anticipation of a potential outbreak. At the time, health officials were hoping that a streamlined process would ensure the vaccine was ready for clinical trials by at least May.

It seems evident if Joe Biden proposes something, best check how he came up with it before giving Old Clueless Joe any credit because odds are Biden stole it from someone else.

But of course, the delusional hypocrite Democrats lost their poop screaming “Trump stole his Kobe condolence tweet from Obama” because OMG they both told Kobe’s family and loved ones they were sorry for their loss.

But as far as Joe Biden stealing Donald Trump’s ideas on combating coronavirus…The Democrats screamed:

Credit Breitbart for exposing Biden plagiarizing Trump

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