Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden promised President Trump that their telephone call about the coronavirus pandemic would be confidential… Of course, he lied.

Anyone claiming to be shocked that Joe Biden appears to have reneged on his agreement with President Trump should consider themselves an imbecile.

After all, haven’t we’ve seen this hypocrite Democrats pull this stunt before?

It wasn’t too long ago that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi swore she wouldn’t move forward with impeaching President Trump until a majority of Americans supported it, and the articles of impeachment were passed by a bipartisan vote.

Of course, neither of which happened, and America was still subjected to a four-month-long hoax, that only distracted Congress from doing their job and protecting America from the coming Coronavirus pandemic.

The Washington Free Beacon reported that Joe Biden in media interviews and meetings with donors has spewed out the specifics of the five suggestions he made to Trump on how the administration could improve its coronavirus response.

Biden took his repugnant blabbering a step further by revealing in detail to donors how Trump responded,” the report said.

President Trump has kept his side of the bargain. He has not a single word about the call, except to say it was a great conversation and that the two agreed to keep their conversation confidential.

When President Trump was asked about the phone by reporters, only said:

“We agreed that we weren’t going to talk about what we said, but we had a very, very good talk.” 

But according to the Free Beacon report, Joe Biden told a Philadelphia news station he recommended to Trump that there should be a “federal responsibility” to the pandemic, adding:

“And that I thought we needed one supply commander, nationally, and identifying where all the product needed was and how to distribute it around the country,” 

Biden also told CNN:

“I laid out the five things I thought he should be doing now and suggested how I thought he should go about doing.”

He went on to tell CNN that he advised appointing a supply commander, using the Defense Production Act, opening enrollment for Obamacare, increasing testing and collecting more data.

The Free Beacon reported that:

“Biden on Wednesday continued to detail his call with Trump during a virtual fundraiser, according to Brittany Shepherd of Yahoo! News, who wrote in her pool report that Biden ‘briefly touched on his phone conversation’ with Trump during his meeting with donors. Biden not only went into further detail to the donors about what he suggested to Trump but also how Trump responded, according to the report,” 

The article also noted the Biden campaign did not respond to a request for comment.

Joe Biden Betraying President Trump’s Trust Isn’t A Surprise

If anyone believes our comments are 20/20 hindsight, think again.

Before President Trump took Joe Biden’s phone call, we wrote an article titled: PRESIDENT TRUMP DON’T ANSWER BIDEN’S CORONAVIRUS PHONE CALL.

While we didn’t know Joe Biden would renege on his promise to keep the phone call confidential.

We 100% knew Joe Biden would, at the first opportunity, stab President Trump in the back.

In this story we wrote:

One of the biggest problems I have with President Trump is his belief that the TDS Democrats will change. But as the old saying goes ‘A Tiger Can’t Change It’s Stripes.’

Look at what has happened over the past three years, and the evidence is as clear as Joe Biden being on the verge of dementia.

Democrats only want to give the appearance that they are willing to work with President Trump before plunging the knife into his back.

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