If President-Elect Joe Biden can criticize President Donald Trump for his Coronavirus pandemic response failures? Then President-Elect Joe Biden must credit Trump for his unadulterated COVID-19 Vaccine success.

President-Elect Joe Biden promised in his 2020 electoral college victory speech that he wanted to unite the country. Declaring “I pledge to be a president who does not see red or blue states, but the United States.” 

Biden added that it was time to stop treating political opponents as enemies and to lower the rhetoric.

Unfortunately, from what we’ve heard so far from Joe Biden and his staff. it seems as if he remembers his promises like he remembers what state he’s in.

But if Joe Biden is truly serious about his pledge to unite the American people.

Then he could start by acknowledging and giving thanks to President Donald J. Trump for the stunning success of Operation Warp Speed, and giving the world the “Medical Miricle” it so desperately needed.

Promise Made…Promise Kept!

The COVID-19 Vaccine that President Trump helped bring to fruition may possibly be one of the greatest public health achievements in history.

But as TuskerDaily reported weeks ago judging by the mainstream media’s reporting you would never even know that President Trump had anything to do with the development of this modern-day medical miracle.

Until now, the record for the fastest vaccine development was four years…Operation Warp Speed did it in nine months.

Those who hate, and despise Trump will screech he deserves no credit since ‘Trump’s not a scientist, so he didn’t develop anything’. 

But these same people will praise President Obama for his economic plan that saved America from ‘The Great Recession.’

Which is of course, hilarious knowing that before being elected President, this Economics mastermind, hadn’t so much as run a lemonade stand.

President Trump’s COVID-19 Vaccine Genius

The genius of Operation Warp Speed was President Trump doing what he has always done while building his real-estate empire.

Like a general fighting a war, Trump set a goal, in this case developing a vaccine by the end of 2020.

Then getting the best people to bring his dream to reality. Streamlining the process so they can work free of distractions. And then getting the hell out of the way so they could do the job they were tasked to do.

But the true genius of Trump’s decision was to run the vaccine development process in parallel rather than how it had always been done before, sequentially. 

The Trump administration invested about $10 billion in eight vaccine candidates — purchasing hundreds of millions of doses of vaccines before even a single one had been developed.

Similar to when he removed the gauntlets that tapped down America from reaching its full economic potential. Donald Trump starting to clear away decades of regulatory hurdles, so researchers could do what they do best unhindered by red-tape.

And knowing this is a war America had to win, President Trump put four-star general, Gustave Perna, in charge of overseeing all the logistics and distribution.

It’s not unimaginable to think that by this time next year, the media will be singing the praises of General Perna.

Even though General Perna didn’t drive a single truck delivering to President Trump’s medical miracle’ to any CVS, or Walgreens.

CNN will produce an hour-long COVID-19 Vaccine special praising General Perna for his success in coordinating, and distributing the life-saving vaccine to a desperate nation.

Trump-Hating Media Refuses To Credit Him For COVID-19 Vaccine Promise Made…Promise Kept

In May, President Trump held a Rose Garden News Conference to announce “Operation Warp Speed’ in which the President detailed its ambitious mission to develop, manufacture, and distribute a proven COVID-19 vaccine by the end of 2020.

But even before President Trump left the stage, the mainstream media partisan hosts conversing with so-called medical experts were already lambasting Trump for his “impossible” Coronavirus vaccine promise.

Shrieking political pundits and outraged faux scientists such as Bill Nye howled that Donald Trump was nothing but a repugnant liar for filling the people all over the world with false hope.

MSNBC’s Brian Williams interviewed one expert who assured him that the timeline was “preposterous” and that Trump was a “POTUS in Wonderland.”

NBC News “fact check” declared that, “experts say that the development, testing, and production of a vaccine for the public is still at least 12 to 18 months off, and that anything less would be a medical miracle.”

Watch TuskerDaily’s ‘Media screeching Trump’s a COVID-19 Vaccine Liar’ Video:

Joe Biden pledge to “Unite America” 

We understand given the disgraceful state of the media in 2020, why they refuse to acknowledge President Trump’s “medical miracle” achievement.

But why has President-Elect Joe Biden refused to?

On Monday night, in a speech hailing his electoral college victory, Joe Biden took a moment to ridicule Trump for having the audacity to challenge the 2020 election that by the day seems to become even more sketchy.

Not at all shocking President-Elect “Hope” made it a point to mention that America had just passed a “grim milestone” of 300,000 covid deaths.

For a President-Elect who ran on ‘bringing civility back to Washington, and giving hope back to Americans during his self-declared ‘Dark Winter.’ Joe Biden’s isn’t off to a great start.

But what Joe Biden and his small-minded Democrat drones failed to realize is he missed a golden opportunity to keep his promise.

On the very same day, that Joe Biden made his electoral college victory speech, the first COVID-19 vaccine was administered.

The newly minted President-Elect Joe Biden could have brought back “hope” and “civility” that he claims after four years of Trump, America is desperately lacking, with just one sentence.

Of course, the Trump-hating mainstream media would have touted it as ‘President-Elect Joe Biden’s first presidential moment.’

Joe Biden could have returned all that he claims America has lost, by thanking President Trump on behalf of all the world, for fulfilling his promise to develop, manufacture, and distribute a COVID-19 vaccine by the end of 2020.

But as we all know, Biden said nothing about Trump’s historic vaccinations.

Same Old Plagerizing Joe

Knowing what a plagiarizing hypocrite Joe Biden has been for decades, his actions, or lack thereof, shouldn’t have come as any shock.

Despite what he says, what he proved in his electoral college speech was what a truly small-minded egotistical man he is.

Knowing Joe Biden’s decades-long history of plagiarism. It’s not hard to deduce what motivated President-Elect Joe Biden’s failure to acknowledge Donald Trump’s “Medical Miracle.’

Before COVID threw a monkey wrench into it and putting aside the fact it took place YEARS after they left office.

When President Trump had America’s economic engine running on all cylinders. Joe Biden declared America’s economic success was all due to the Obama/Biden administration.

And with the COVID-19 Vaccine, history is about to repeat itself. 

With an obedient mainstream media securely in their pocket, and knowing Trump has been out of the office for months.

When the COVID-19 vaccine, does become widely available, not just here in America, but worldwide…

Joe Biden will seize all the credit for saving the world for himself.


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