Last week, with support from Seattle, and Washington State Democrats, the nation of CHAZ (since renamed CHOP) was born, and Joe Biden’s silence has been deafening. 

Since the June 8th takeover, Joe Biden hasn’t uttered a word on what he feels about a group of armed BLM / Antifa terrorists seizing part of the United States and forming their own little nation?

Joe Biden’s Silence Is Deafening

President Trump immediately tweeted about the anarchy taking place in Seattle, and the newly formed Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ).

The President expressed shock over not only that “Democrat Terrorists” had taken over a 6-block area of Washington State’s largest, and most important city.

But he was also dismayed that the takeover was done with the apparent support of Washington State’s Dynamic Duo Of Dimwitted Democratic leaders, Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan, and Governor Jay Inslee.

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan pushed back against President Trump’s threat to use military force to “take back” Seattle’s seized blocks.

Mayor Durkan (D) vowed in a news conference to resist any effort by the President of the United States to use force to disband the demonstration.

“We do not need anyone, including the president, to try to sow further divide, further distrust, and misinformation,”

“The threat to invade Seattle, to divide and incite violence in our city is not only unwelcome, it would be illegal.”

Hysterically, over 24-hours after CHAZ (now CHOP) had been created. Washington State Governor Jay Inslee claimed to have no knowledge that armed left-wing activist had taken over part of his state’s largest city.

Does Joe Biden Support Armed BLM Insurrection?

On June 8, 2020, Seattle Police were ordered to retreat by Democrat Mayor Jenny Durkan allowing BLM/Antifa terrorists to walk right in and occupy the area. 

Within hours failed rapper now turned ‘CHAZ Warlord’ Raz Simone dubbed the area the “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ)

But since the June 8th annexation, Joe Biden the Democrats 2020 Presidential nominee hasn’t said a word about what has been taking place.

Of course, Joe Biden’s not being asked his opinion comes despite him doing numerous mainstream media interviews.

How hard is it for the Fake News Media to ask Joe Biden…

      • Do you support armed protesters to seizing control of a 6-block area of Seattle?
      • What are your thoughts about Seattle’s Mayor and the Governor of Washington State supporting the armed insurrection?
      • Is it the responsibility of the United States governments to protect the innocent American citizens and businesses who are now being held essentially hostage inside CHAZ?
      • Would President Joe Biden send in the military to take back control of the area? 
      • What would be President Joe Biden’s plans to peacefully end the occupation?

These are but a few of the never-ending list of questions the media should be demanding Joe Biden’s answer. 

But despite this fact that America is only months away from the 2020 Presidential election in which Joe Biden is the Democrats presidential nominee.

As of Friday, June 19th, neither Joe Biden nor his 2020 presidential campaign has offered an opinion on the seizure that is still taking place today not only in Seattle both has now spread to other cities as well.

As we reported earlier, Portland’s Democrat Mayor, fearing a reprisal of the anarchy taking place in Seattle. Ordered Police to Tear Down ‘Autonomous Zone’ barricades that BLM had tried setting up.

America Wake Up… Joe Biden is showing you the type of leadership you’ll get if he’s elected President of the United States in November.