Joe Biden daily Adderall injection

Joe Biden takes a cheap shot at President Trump during a remote White House event for Black essential workers about the COVID-19 pandemic co-hosted with his egregious race-baiting domestic advisor Susan Rice.

While pandering to the Black community, Clueless Joe said Takes His Cheap Shot At Trump:

“I think there’s a growing awareness that, uh, um, you know, uh, injecting bleach into your system doesn’t do it for you.”

Biden made a rare appearance without his COVID mask on, and his shocking youthful appearance belied his normally 108-year-old looking face’

Biden’s tight shiny face appearing years younger than what we’ve grown accustomed to. Looked very much like a man who added a little Botox to his daily Adderall injection.

Joe Biden daily Adderall injection

But Botox can’t mask Joe Biden’s cognitive decline which he tried covering up with his multiple ahh’s.

What would have been great is if one of these workers happened to be a Trump supporter and asked:

Hey Joe, did you ever apologize for your “You Ain’t Black” racist comment?


CNN Reports Biden Takes Cheap Shot At Former President Donald Trump

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