Joe Biden Facebook Town Hall

Joe Biden held a virtual live Facebook town hall on Friday and calling it a disaster would be putting it mildly.

In this first clip, Biden was rambling on about a public option when he really lived up to his Clueless Joe moniker.

Biden was discussing his single-payer healthcare monstrosity when he stated:

I can get this done, and quickly, but even I can’t do that for two years… One year… between now and November… Before Ole’ Clueless finally hit that damn elusive ‘When will I become President?‘ nail on the head by sputtering “January.”

After a momentary pause to give the little men in his head time to reconnect the wires that became loose.

Joe spat out “To be covered” for no apparent reason since he started this discombobulated segment with “To be covered”

The second clip really shows Joe Biden in his natural state, which of course, in Joe’s case is the state of confusion.

But before we unpack that falafel, we must ask…

Who in the hell poked poor old Joe Biden in the eye?

That person must be pretty deranged to go around poking an old person in the eye. Especially when that eye could instantly explode and start gushing blood.

Biden’s Live Facebook town hall Starring Wandering Joe

In spite of his missing orb, like the trooper he is old one eye Joe Biden went on with the show.

Rambling about climate change and how in Delaware you can’t build a factory within one mile of the shore, which as everyone knows segue’s seamlessly into talking about setting fires to clear the Amazon rain forest.

Biden put forth his typical Democrat answer to fix any problem America has with what another country is doing.

We’ll bribe you with U.S. taxpayer dollars.

Funny, how the Democrats keep lecturing America about how egotistical American’s are because we expect, no, DEMAND the world bow down to us.

But then these very same liberals tell us how America will get every country to do our climate change bidding because dammit America has spoken and only we can save the planet.

Old Joe then told us his grand plan to get Brazil to do our bidding, of course, it’s the Democrats same grand plan to solve every problem “I’ll pay them $20 Billion.”

Umm, I think the word Joe was looking for is “We,” as in we, the American taxpayer will be paying Brazil $20 Billion U.S. tax dollars not to burn their land.

Unless, of course, Joe plans to set up his son Hunter in another cushy job he’s unqualified for and use his salary to pay Brazil this 20 billion dollar a year bribe?

But as Joe Biden was babbling about the Amazon rainforest burning, he suddenly turned and started wandering off camera like some lost confused puppy.

But just as suddenly one of the little men in his head hit the emergency stop button before old clueless went fully off-camera.

At this moment his campaign had had enough and tried to cover up wandering Joe’s brain seizure with a Biden logo.

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