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BREAKING NEWS: According to our source, Joe Biden has chosen Obama’s former national security advisor, Susan Rice to be his 2020 running mate.

Our source inside the Bernie Sanders camp who, unlike CNN, has given us information that has been right on many occasions, but the biggest scoops we’ve received from our source  so far have been:

  • Before the Democrats ‘Super Tuesday’ primaries had concluded. Our source informed us that Bernie Sanders was in negotiation with the Biden camp to drop out of the 2020 race in exchange for Joe giving Sanders assurances that he’ll pursue policies that will continue the Democrats push toward socialism.
    • Days after we posted our story Bernie Sanders Drops 2020 Election Bid the mainstream media started reporting that Bernie was suspending his campaign and there had been rumors of negotiations between the two camps.
    • One month later Bernie Sanders announces he’s officially ending his campaign.
  • On May 30th we reported Source: Amy Klobuchar Is Out As Joe Biden’s VP Choice
    • Almost 3-weeks later, on June 18th, Amy Klobuchar announced that she was withdrawing her name from VP consideration.
  • We also reported, in late June, that according to our source, Biden would be making a commitment to choose ‘a woman of color‘ as his running mate. 3-days later Joe Biden made that exact announcement.

Susan Rice beats out Kamala Harris to be Joe Biden’s 2020 Running mate.

While not inside the Biden camp as of yet, our source does have contacts inside the Democrats cellar-dwellers presidential campaign.

Our source stated that Kamala Harris was Joe Biden’s choice to be his running mate, but his handlers convinced Biden that party leadership believed Harris had too many strikes against her.

Here are the key points that derailed Kamala Harris:

  • Harris’ weak record as District Attorney of San Francisco, and Attorney General of California, which they fear Trump, running a ‘Law and Order’ campaign, will use against Biden.
  • During the first televised Democratic Presidential debate, Harris scolded Joe Biden for “hurtful” remarks he made, when he spoke fondly of Senators who opposed integration efforts in the 1970s and working with them to oppose mandatory school bussing.
  • Harris is considered an ambitious backstabbing bitch who the Biden camp believes as vice-president, she’ll be solely focused on trying to become president.
  • One of Biden’s top aides told our source that they believe if Joe Biden is elected President, as his cognitive abilities continue to decline, they fear Harris will ‘leak’ derogatory information about Biden in hopes of putting pressure on him to resign, making her POTUS.

As for why Joe Biden, or should I say, his handlers have chosen Susan Rice.

  • She’s a Clinton, Obama loyalist.
  • Rice has already proven on multiple occasions that, unlike Kamala Harris, she’ll never throw another Democrat under the bus, unless ordered to.
  • Again unlike Kamala Harris, if need be Susan Rice will put party over career. As Rice did in 2012 when she removed herself from consideration to replace Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, following the controversy related to the Benghazi attack.
  • Having served in both the Clinton administration and the Obama administration, Susan Rice is the very definition of a Washington insider.

We will update this story as more information becomes available.

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