Who Is The President Of The United States? Because Joe Biden Certainly Isn't

Trying to pander to the military, bumbling Joe Biden wrongly stated the number of military members that died from the coronavirus during a campaign stop in Michigan on Wednesday.

Speaking in Warren, Mich., Dementia Joe cited the number of confirmed cases and deaths from COVID-19 in Michigan as being the numbers for the military, saying the armed forces had seen 118,984 cases and 6,114 deaths.

According to the DOD, as of September 9th, there have been 40,026 infected, and only 7 have died from the Coronavirus not 6,114 as clueless Joe spewed.

Military Personal Infected with COVID-19

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Bumbling Joe Biden Gaffes Again

The Biden campaign told Fox News that the former vice president ‘Misspoke‘:

“Vice President Biden has the utmost respect for the men and women of the armed services and believes it’s the sacred duty of our country to properly equip them, look after their families when they’re deployed, and care for them when they return,” 

“To honor their service, the Vice President carries with him each day a card detailing the number of Americans who have given their lives for our country in Iraq and Afghanistan, and frequently cites that number to recognize their sacrifice.”

Biden’s verbal gaffes have plagued him throughout his 2020 presidential bid.

In June, bumbling Joe Biden incorrectly stated that 120 million American’s had died from the coronavirus.

The Trump campaign had used that slip-up as evidence that the Democratic candidate was “confused” and “not playing with a full deck” making Clueless Joe unfit for the Oval Office.

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