Joe Biden, You Really Don’t Want To Compare What You and Donald Trump Have Done For The Black Community

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Joe Biden screeched “Compare what Trump and I have done for the black community during his infamous ‘You Ain’t Black’ interview with Charlemagne tha God.

But Biden better hope that President Donald Trump doesn’t take him up on his offer to compare their records of what they’ve accomplished for the black community. Because Joe Biden would not only lose, he’ll get wiped out.

Democrats have promised much over the past 50-years but has delivered little for the black community, while Trump’s first three years holds a real track record of results for black Americans.

Take the economy. By getting the government out of the way and lowering taxes across the board, before the pandemic through a monkey wrench into America’s economic engine.

President Trump fueled a booming economy, and black Americans were especially reaping the many rewards.

Since the election of Trump and up until the Pandemic shut down America:

  • More than one million new jobs had been created for black Americans.
  • The black unemployment rate reached record lows.
  • The poverty rate was at it’s lowest on record.
  • Working hand in glove with South Carolina Senator Tim Scott, President Trump nearly thousands of African-American communities across all 50 states that were previously left behind under Obama/Biden, were seeing new waves of investment pour in along with new jobs and a renewed sense of hope.
  • Moreover, while Joe Biden and the Democrats have been doing nothing but pandering for decades. Trump fought for and delivered the most meaningful criminal justice reform in a generation.
  • Since the First Step Act became the law of the land over a year ago, more than 3,000 Americans have been released from prison, and 90 percent of those who have had their sentences decreased are black Americans. These African-American families are now reunited and have a second chance at life.
  • President Trump also a champion for the school choice program so that every child can achieve their full potential. By giving black students the freedom to attend the school of their choice. Trump gave the chance for blacks to receive a quality of education that was in the past predetermined by their zip codes.

Joe Biden, on the other hand, has done everything he’s can to target those impoverished inside the black community

Here are some of Senator Joe Biden’s biggest accomplishments leading up to his authoring the Democrats 1994 crime bill. For which, as we addressed above, President Trump’s criminal reform bill directly addressed:

  • Comprehensive Control Act of 1984: This law, spearheaded by Biden and Sen. Strom Thurmond (R-SC), expanded federal drug trafficking penalties and civil asset forfeiture, which allows police to seize and absorb someone’s property — whether cash, cars, guns, or something else — without proving the person is guilty of a crime.
  • Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1986: This law, sponsored and partly written by Biden, ratcheted up penalties for drug crimes. It also created a big sentencing disparity between crack and powder cocaine. The law that Biden co-wrote made it so someone would need to possess 100 times the amount of powder cocaine to be eligible for the same mandatory minimum sentence for crack. Since crack was more commonly used by black Americans, this sentencing disparity helped fuel big racial disparities in incarceration.
  • Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1988: This law, co-sponsored by Biden, increased prison sentences for drug possession, enhanced penalties for transporting drugs, and established the Office of National Drug Control Policy, which coordinates and leads federal anti-drug efforts.

If you don’t believe Biden was targeting the black community then look no further than what the Obama, Biden administration proposed when they were elected into office.

One major initiative that the Obama, Biden administration proposed that was black-specific, was called My Brother’s Keeper program.

The premise was that young black men constitute a social problem and need interventions that will alter their outlook and actions.

Rather than directly increasing the resources in Black communities and removing the constraints that young black Americans faced. 

Obama and Biden’s focus was on reforming young Black men that they believed were predetermined to be criminals. 

In other words, Obama and Biden believed when they are born, black men were criminals and they were setting up a program that would hopefully change their supposed nature.

If that isn’t blatant racist I’m not sure what is.

Unlike President Trump, the Obama, Biden administration never gave serious consideration to aggressive transformative programs that would not only have a significant impact and benefit to young African Americans.

But would also attempt to finally break the street to prison to street cycle that had plagued the black community for decades.

Amazingly, while Biden is now pandering for it. It’s ironic that in 2008 not only Biden but America’s first black president opposed the Democrats’ most dramatic black-specific program of all—reparations for African Americans.

In 2009, after they were elected to office the Obama and Biden administration claimed that reparations were politically untenable to enact. 

This is astounding since when Obama and Biden were elected, the Democrats controlled both the House and the Senate, and for over a year had a filibuster-proof supermajority in the Senate.

So that dispels the Democrat delusion that it’s the Republicans standing in the way of the Democrats passing reparations.

Of course, even more, ridiculous is the fact that knowing this, Biden is not pandering Reparations, but only proposing to form a commission to LOOK INTO Black reparations. 

After 50-years of talking, NOW, Joe Biden is trying to placate the black community by proposing that something that amounts to ‘Elect Me And I’ll look into it, and then blame the Republicans for me not even trying to pass’.

But to truly understand how the Democrats feel about wanting the black community to reach the American dream.

Then look no further than President Trump’s 2018 State of the Union, where the Democrats showed how repugnant their pandering to the black community about seeing them succeed truly is.

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