Who Is The President Of The United States? Because Joe Biden Certainly Isn't

I understand the Democrats’ and mainstream media’s deep hatred for Donald Trump but their failure to accept Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s Cognitive Decline can no longer be ignored and it’s simply inhumane for him to be allowed to run for President of the United States.

While as a conservative, who on a daily basis enjoys ridiculing, laughing at, and disparaging those on the left.

This article which is directed at Joe Biden’s Cognitive Decline is in no way to be taken in a similar light.

There’s no question the leader of the free world faces unending pressure, as evidenced by how swiftly former President’s hair quickly silvers as they serve out their term(s).

Judging by his daily gaffes, and Joe Biden’s more recently exhibiting a distressing glassy-eyed confusion when the former VP steps up to the podium. It’s unfortunate to say that the long time Delaware Senator is well beyond being on the verge of Dementia.

Democrats and their media cohorts whose pushing Joe Biden to run and subjecting him to the rigors of campaigning, let alone what he will face if God forbid he’s elected POTUS should be indicted for inflicting cruel & unusual punishment upon him.

It’s a fact of life that politicians are either lauded or pilloried for their actions.  And as we recently observed with Herman Cain, sometimes not even death can lessen the malice some have for certain public servants.

But politicians know there’s no in-between, so they run for office knowing that the sometimes overly cruel rhetoric comes with the territory. But both sides of the aisle, if only for a moment, need to make an exception for Joe Biden.

Clearly, while Biden may truly believe he has the stamina and cognitive abilities to be President, feelings aren’t always kindred spirits with facts, and less so as we grow older.

Similar to watching a sports star whose body no longer allows him to do what once came so naturally, someone must tell Joe Biden enough is enough, the time has come to hang em’ up, you served America well, and the time has come for a well-earned rest.

Joe Biden has served his country honorably, and whether you agree with his values and opinions or not, he has served America with distinction.

This is a man who will be 78 years old in November, and while God has blessed him with a load road, he’s understandably is running out of pavement.

While Republicans such as myself make fun of Joe Biden having become a basement dweller.

When you hear him speak, the reason becomes obvious why his campaign, and rightfully so, refuses to allow him to venture out into the real world.

But if Joe Biden cannot be trusted to speak without notes or a teleprompter, or is unable to respond to tough pointed questions from legitimate journalists. Then he’s certainly incapable of making life and death decisions for the next four or possibly even eight years.

This is no laughing matter or a political hit-piece, nor is it a vehicle to mock the former vice-president as his mental decline hastens.

I’m not trying to disparage Joe Biden in any way. But having recently been forced to care for the well-being of my 86-year-old mother whose Dementia grows exponentially almost by the day, it’s horrifying to know what lays ahead for Joe Biden.

While it is a sad, tortuous process witnessing someone you know in decline, it becomes even more so watching it happen to someone with Joe Biden’s standing. It’s even worse knowing he can’t possibly survive as an 86-year-old President serving out his last year as POTUS.

It’s almost abhorrent to say, but knowing the pressures he’ll face, and the toll the office takes on a President, electing him to office would essentially be delivering Joe Biden a death sentence.

Joe Biden’s Cognitive Decline Is Undeniable

Earlier this week, Joe Biden staggered on stage in his home state of Deleware saying: “Good Afternoon everyone. Welcome to Kingswood Community Center.” Sadly, the event was at William ‘Hicks’ Anderson Community Center.

After losing his focus for a few seconds and genuinely looking lost, he uttered: “I didn’t know where we were.

And while judging by his standards, Joe Biden recovered quickly, the momentary glassy-eyed look was simply undeniable.

For someone such as Joe Biden whose on the move a lot, it can be easy to get places mixed up – rock stars are regularly caught shouting out the wrong city, and politicians do it twice as much as rock stars do.

But when a politician enthusiastically hollers out “Hello, Duluth” when he’s in Des Moines, he’s voice is nevertheless clear, his inflections sharp, so there’s no denying their mistake was nothing more than a simple miscue.

But watching Joe Biden’s faux pas was altogether different because clearly he didn’t have any conception for where he was, nor what the correct response should be after realizing his misstep.

The heartbreaking element is that you can see Joe Biden sensed it, he realizes himself his error and he was powerless to recover.

Talking to my mother in moments of clarity about her declining faculties, I’m confident that Joe Biden is aware of these episodes, and as my mother has attested. To me, it must be truly terrifying to know your mind, once tack-like sharp, has slowly become dulled over time.

Joe Biden is known for being the ‘Human Gaffe Machine’ and this actually hurts him tremendously, especially at this moment in time. Because months, if not years ago, as Joe Biden’s cognitive decline grew ever more prevalent, people, and rightfully so, simply chalked it up to ‘Joe being Joe.

But these gaffes and lapses in memory are no longer just isolated incidents that can be overlooked, or whimsically wished away.

Speaking not so long ago, Biden said during an event: “He’s saying that it was President…(long pause searching for an answer)…my boss.” it was undeniable Joe Biden knew he had worked for President Obama, but just couldn’t grasp his name from a chaotic mind.

This is something I’ve witnessed in my mother when I hear her talking on the phone about one of her three sons. My mother would suddenly pause unable to recall her son’s name until finally blurting out whichever son she could recall at that moment.

In fact, when this first started and she inserted my name, I didn’t recognize what was happening and would jokingly cry out “That wasn’t me you idiot, that was Stephen!”

After watching my mother talking away and then suddenly going silent with a ‘staring off into space’ expression becoming more and more frequent. I started to slowly realize that her faltering mind could no longer be excused away by saying ‘it’s normal to forget when you’re 86-years-old.’

Anyone who’s seen elderly relatives suffering mental decline will recognize that empty look on Joe Biden’s face, because, like them, I’ve seen that look on my own mother’s face far too many times.


There’s An Abundance of Evidence

Another example of Joe Biden’s mental decline came during a TV interview when he was asked about Covid-19, he stated:

“We have to take care of the cure, that will make the problem worse no matter what.”

At a presidential rally in South Carolina, he announced:

“Where I come from, you don’t get far unless you ask – my name is Joe Biden. I’m a Democratic candidate for the United States Senate. Look me over, if you like what you see, help out. If not, vote for the other Biden.”

Yes, as a conservative I thoroughly enjoyed ridiculing Joe Biden’s blunders, and I’m not at all ashamed for doing so. But at that moment in time, when Joe Biden had made the decision to run for President he was far more clear thinking.

But the undeniable truth is Joe Biden’s mental facilities have deteriorated so far, and so fast since that day.

Making Joe Biden’s sad situation far more heartbreaking is knowing he’s not even faced the rigors of campaigning due to Coronavirus pandemic, let alone the pressure that will befall him if elected President of the United States.

It’s time that the Democrats and the mainstream media to put politics, and their hatred for Donald Trump aside, and choose another candidate.

It’s time for Joe Biden to go home, so he can spend the rest of his, God willing, long life relishing the time spent surrounded by his loving family, delighting his grandchildren with tall tales, and basking in the acclaim he most assuredly has earned.

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