Joe Biden’s ‘You Ain’t Black’ Spinning Is Making Us Dizzy

Joe Biden On His You Ain't Black Racist Comments Charlamagne Tha God Was Baiting Me
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Joe Biden’s brain must be approaching overload as he thinks of new and creative ways to convince himself (and America) that everyone except Joe Biden is to blame for his racist “you ain’t black” idiocy.

In today’s episode of ‘Joe Biden’s ‘You Ain’t Black’

Episode VII: Joe Biden declares that Charlamagne Tha God baited him into saying his racist comment.

In this exciting episode, Joe Biden talks to CNN’s resident racist host Don Lemon, and spews that Charlamagne Tha God baited him into saying his racist “you ain’t black” comment and he was “Referring to Charlamagne and not all African-Americans”.

Way to go Don Lemon, show America how CNN’s ‘Facts-First’ network pushes back against Joe Biden’s change like the weather “You Ain’t Black’ excuse of the day.

After Biden’s latest brain fart, there is only one question that really needs answering.

Will Charlamagne Tha God respond to Biden like the tough guy that he pretends to be and call out Joe Biden’s BS? Or will Charlamagne Tha God respond like the Democrats Uncle Tom.

My guess:

Uncle Charlamagne's Cabin


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