Joe Manchin 'Torn' On Trump Impeachment, OK'd Hunter Biden Testifying

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) told CNN he is “torn” on whether to back conviction of President Donald Trump in a U.S. Senate trial should the House of Representatives pass Articles of Impeachment.

Manchin said he is “very much torn” on the issue  of impeaching Trump, a huge blow to Democrats as they seek to hold their party together heading into a contentious House floor vote next week.

We have a divided country. On the other hand, we have equal branch of governments, responsibilities in the Constitution. There are a lot of things at stake here. The future of our country. And the future of how we’re able to do our business depends on how we handle this.

Manchin’s confirmation that he is “torn” on impeachment–by no means a for granted vote either way at this stage, is a deep blow to the Democrat cause and comes as he also told CNN he thinks it would be perfectly acceptable for former Vice President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden to be called to testify in a Senate trial.

“I don’t have a problem with Hunter Biden” testifying,” Manchin said. “That’s all a part of this.”


As we reported earlier there are also concerns among Democrats beyond Manchin and Sinema, as some Democrat Senators and House members face tough re-election after having won in districts, and states that voted for President Trump.

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The Mob Attacks

Of course, the mobs Twittering Twits absolutely hate when a Democrat believes that hearsay evidence isn’t evidence.

And doesn’t believe someone crying #MeToo 30-years after it happened and doesn’t know when the assault took place. Where the assault took place or even how she got to the place where she was assaulted.

And oh, btw has no clue how she got home after the supposed assault… But other than that she’s completely credible.



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