Joe Rogan: Democrats Are Cult-Like For Ignoring Joe Biden’s Dementia

Joe Rogan, JRE #1541 Bridget Phetasy, Denial of Biden's Cognitive Decline
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If Joe Rogan wasn’t the #1 target of the cancel culture mob, he’s certainly is now after disemboweling the Democrats for ignoring Joe Biden’s cognitive decline, and for their hypocritical idiocy about resident Donald Trump.

Joe Rogan, discussing the upcoming 2020 presidential election with columnists, and cultural commentator Bridget Phetasy, whose writings can be found in The Spectator, Quillette, and The New York Times.

During their 3+ hour chat, Rogan and Phetasy absolutely eviscerate the Democrats, La La Land Liberals, and the mainstream media for their hypocrisy, and their over-the-top stupidity about Trump, their not dealing with the reality of Joe Biden’s dementia, and their overexaggerating the collapse of America if he’s re-elected, President.

Here are a few highlights:

The pair started off the podcast talking about people they knew who had been infected with the Coronavirus. When the subject turned to Hydroxychloroquine, Phetasy told Rogan that at one point she talked to her therapist, who was married to an Italian woman and how she said that the drug was a game-changer in Italy.

But after her therapist heard Trump extolling the very same virtues of Hydroxy that his wife had told him, her therapist said he tried to obtain some but had no luck.

As it turns out all the Hollywood hypocrites talking shit on social media about Trump spewing his voodoo medicine Hydroxychloroquine, went out and bought out the supply for themselves.

Rogan started talking about how insane it is that some liberals who are dying from COVID and refuses to take Hydroxychloroquine because for no other reason than Trump had said good things about it.

Rogan then hysterically started imitating a TDS liberal imbecile whose infected with the coronavirus telling their Doctor: “Fuck Trump…I’m going to die on this hill”.

Fake News media Gaslighting America

Rogan said in the past CNN was his favorite source of news, but now they’re simply atrocious.

Rogan said he When you see Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon saying that white people have every advantage, he was shocked. He told himself ‘What are they talking? Don’t they know they’re poor white people all over the world?’

Phetasy joked ‘Don Lemon is so divisive, he’s like an arsonist standing in the corner, asking everyone else to put out the fire.’

Phetasy said the mainstream media is so insane a reporter (MSNBC Ali Velshi) is standing in front of a burning building claiming that the BLM protests were mostly “peaceful.” She then rhetorically asked, “Don’t they know we have eyes?”

Joe Rogan: Democrats In Total Denial of Biden’s Cognitive Decline.

In this five-minute unedited segment from the podcast, Joe Rogan and Bridget Phetasy destroy the Democrats on:

  • Kamala Harris pandering to the black community by wearing her, right out of the box, Timberland Boots.
  • Democrats ignoring the fact that Joe Biden looks like he’s dying.
  • The New York Times
  • Rogan asking ‘Imagine if Biden was Republican with this amount of mental incompetence?
  • How the Democrats ‘Groupthink’ is cult-like.
  • The Democrats idiocy about over their screeching ‘If America doesn’t elect Biden President, the country will be destroyed.’

Watch: Full Episode #1541 Of The Joe Rogan Podcast

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