Joe Scarborough Attacks Bloomberg Ahead of Super Tuesday

MSNBC Morning Joe Host Joe Scarborough attacks Mini Mike Bloomberg
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Joe Scarborough started the weak by decrying the “logic” of Michael Bloomberg’s 2020 effort, and he kept it going ahead of Super Tuesday voting.


MSNBC ‘Morning Joe’ host Joe Scarborough started off by declaring Elizabeth Warren has no shot at winning and that Joe Biden now has a “clear shot” at the nomination.

The former RINO turned Democrat shill added that Mini Mike Bloomberg’s continued involvement in the race will only make it easier for simpleminded socialist Bernie Sanders to become the Democrats 2020 presidential nominee.

Joe Scarborough whined, “What Could Be His [Bloomberg] Logic In Staying In This Race?”

Scarborough also discussed how moderate Democrats are dropping out and are joining forces behind Joe Biden, in an effort to derail the Democrats’ simpleminded socialist and his Bernie Bros efforts to win the nomination.

If Bernie Wins Joe Scarborough Knows Just Who To Blame

“If Bernie Sanders ends up winning this, and in part because Bloomberg peeled off votes from Joe Biden, then Michael Bloomberg’s legacy will be – and isn’t Politics funny sometimes – the takeover of a Democratic socialist in the Democratic Party in 2020. That will all be on Michael Bloomberg’s shoulders.”

Watch the Morning Joe mental midgets discuss Michael Bloomberg’s campaign and the impact the former NYC mayor is having on the Democratic field.

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