Jon Stewart. an idol among Democrats, caused many of his many fans to lose it after agreeing with Trump that a Wuhan lab leak is the most obvious explanation for the origin of Covid-19, something until very recently was denounced as a Trump racist conspiracy theory.

Appearing as the first guest on the first post-lockdown live show of his onetime Daily Show colleague Stephen Colbert on Monday night, at one point Stewart went on a rant about the origin of the coronavirus.

“Oh my god, there’s a novel respiratory coronavirus overtaking Wuhan, China, what do we do? Oh, you know who we could ask? The Wuhan novel respiratory coronavirus lab,” Stewart said, mocking explanations along the lines of “a pangolin kissed a turtle” and “maybe a bat… flew into the cloaca of a turkey and… then it sneezed into my chili” 

The long-time Democrat apologist and kiss ass Steven Colbert seemed to be attempting to silence Stewart

Jon Stewart speaking ‘truth to power’ was, of course, immediately denounced by an outraged leftist Twitter mob.

While Stewart was declaring his eyes have been opened, Colbert seemed to be attempting to silence Stewart, or as one irate liberal tweeted“save him from himself.” 

One of the lefts “Trump conspired with Putin’ fans called it “extremely irresponsible” for Stewart to go “spewing an unproven, outside theory” and giving “crazy juice” to “nuts on the right.

Another said Stewart acted like “a crazy MAGA Republican.” 

Another accused Stewart of “anti-Chinese rants” and Colbert of tolerating it. 

Coming Soon…Stewart Must Be Canceled

“Jon Stewart was one of my idols until tonight. He’s giving credibility to the Wuhan lab leak conspiracy and spreading dangerous lies,” said another fan.


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