Joy Reid Spews Trump-Hate Coronavirus Children Conspiracy

Joy Reid Coronavirus Conspiracy
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Remember last week when Chuck Todd screamed at VP Mike Pence to give him examples of how the left is using Coronavirus fearmongering, well, he won’t be asking that question this week after this MSNBC’s Joe Reid video.

Repugnant MSNBC ‘AMJoy’ host Joy Reid indulged in some particularly ugly scapegoating/scaremongering this morning.

On her MSNBC schiffshow, Joy Reid twice depicted the children of Trump supporters as a coronavirus threat to “your kids.”

Reid’s claimed that Trump supporters, “God love ’em,” are gullible, credulous hicks who blindly believe anything the president says.

Joy Reid Is a Vile Repugnant Human Being

Since the left, and especially Joy Reid, won’t let go of their delusion that President Trump called the coronavirus a “hoax,”

This racist, homophobe MSNBC disgusting woman said “Trump supporters will ignore their children’s symptoms, and send them off to school where they can infect “your kids.”

Joy Reid is a perfect example of how repugnant the Democrats Liberal left have become.

Via Newsbusters

President Trump DID NOT call Coronavirus a hoax

President Trump has not called coronavirus a hoax. To the contrary, the President has mobilized a team to combat the spread of the disease. And the administration is offering daily briefings on its efforts.

What Trump has called a hoax is the attempt by Democrats to politicize the disease. Reid unwittingly gave a good example of the phenomenon with her scaremongering this morning.

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