Kamala Harris in a fundraising email on Wednesday, a day after she was selected by Joe Biden to be his VP nominee called President Donald Trump a “serial predator”

according to Fox News, Harris, 55, sent an email to Biden supporters saying:

“I know that winning this race will be a tougher challenge than any I’ve faced in my lifetime, but make no mistake: I’m not afraid of Donald Trump, I’ve been standing up to Trump and people like him for my entire career. He doesn’t scare me.

“He’s a serial predator. I’ve spent my career putting them away.”

This is not the first time Harris, the hypocrite senator from California, has used the term in reference to Trump.

During an event in 2019 for her failed bid for the Democratic presidential nomination, she also called Trump a predator without identifying him by name.

“I took on successfully, and I prosecuted the big banks, when they preyed on homeowners,” Harris told a crowd of supporters in reference to her record as Attorney General of California. “I’ve prosecuted the pharmaceutical companies when they preyed on seniors. I have prosecuted transnational criminal organizations when they preyed on women and children.

“I know predators, and we have one living in the White House.”

The fundraising letter follows a Trump campaign ad that was launched immediately after Biden announced Harris as his running mate on Tuesday.

The 30-second video points out that Harris ran against Biden for the Democratic nomination “by rushing to the radical left; embracing (Sen.) Bernie (Sanders’) plan for socialized medicine,…attacking Joe Biden for racist policies.”

It says Democratic primary voters spotted a “phony” causing her to drop out of the race. It goes on to say that “Joe Biden is not that smart.”

It should be noted that despite the Democrats, and their mainstream media cohorts claiming Kamala Harris is moderate.

The fact is, Kamala Harris, voted with Bernie Sanders 92% of the time. In no reality known to man can Kamala Harris be labeled a “Pragmatic Moderate.”