Joe Biden, Kamala Harris 2020 election

Kamala Harris couldn’t thank her blackness, and her vagina enough as she tearfully sobbed over how deeply humbled she was to have been chosen Joe Biden’s VP.

According to sources in the Democrat Party, Kamala Harris broke down in tears over her being chosen based solely on her race and her gender.

Despite, her belief that there is no such thing as just two genders, nevertheless, Harris couldn’t hide how grateful she was that for perhaps the first time in her life she achieved something not based on her double D’s but by her double X’s.

In a heartfelt, tearing jerker Kamala Harris told her supporters:
I am utterly in shock that despite years of schooling that my mother was forced to work day and night to pay for.
Despite, my working up the political ladder by going in the other direction.
Despite, my having to get my geriatric groove on with a married man twice my age.
And despite my having to kiss things that should never have been touched by human lips.
I was dumbfounded to discover that I was qualified to be Vice President of the United States the moment my mother decided not to abort my black womanly bottom.’

I’m in shock to say the least that Joe Biden had the foresight to recognize that I would make an exceptional VP based on my two greatest qualities, my woman-ness, and my black-ness.

The Media Celebrates Kamala Overcoming All Odds

The mainstream media has made no secret of the fact that they believe Kamala Harris being chosen as Joe Biden’s running mate was an historic achievement for Oreo’s everywhere.

No one, in the history of the United States has ever exhibited such a precisely perfect combination of genetic factors like Kamala Harris.

CNN reported that according to their anonymous sources inside the scientific community, Kamala Harris’ combination of having two X chromosomes, being almost Black, and not having been aborted was thought to be mathematically impossible.

CNN’s Brian Stelter reported that his experts have told him that if Stephen Hawking were still alive, upon hearing of Kamala Harris’ historic selection he would jump out of his chair, dance an Irish Jig, and scream “Eureka“.

The Black Community is Giddy Knowing that if Joe Biden wins the 2020 Presidential election, within weeks Kamala Harris Will Be the 47th POTUS.

Moments after Joe Biden placed his historic phone call asking Kamala Harris:

‘Carmella, I want you to be the person who’ll take over for me as POTUS when my brain finally has that meltdown all my Doctor’s have assured me will happen at any moment’

Still, three months away from the 2020 election, America’s minority population are already on the edge of their seats waiting in anticipation to see exactly how Kamala Harris will take out Joe Biden so she can replace him as President of the United States.

But upon hearing Joe Biden’s historic phone call, African-Americans were dancing in the streets, screaming:

“I Have A Dream… Of what it will be like to be prosecuted and incarcerated by America’s first sorta Black Woman President of the United States.”

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