Needless to say, once Biden announced Kamala Harris as his running mate, like many on the left, Shaun ‘Whitey’ King jumped on board the Democrats brand spanking new ‘Kamala Harris Revisionist History‘ Bandwagon.

Shaun King the white bread founder of the Real Justice PAC had previously attacked not only Joe Biden but also Kamala Harris for their criminal justice reform which led to the mass incarceration of blacks.

But shockingly, not shockingly in a tweet sent today to his 1.1 million twittering twits Shaun King backed Biden’s VP pick.

“I can only speak for myself, but when I harshly critique leaders, it’s with the hope that they will grow and evolve.”

“Kamala has done so, in very specific ways, on issues of justice,” tweeted the activist, who is in favor of criminal justice reform.

Of course, Shaun ‘whitey’ King was singing a far different Kamala Harris tune in November 2018:

Shaun King Does complete 180 on Kamala Harris and Joe Biden

Speaking for TuskerDaily reporting on the Democrats twisting themselves into pretzels to push their Kamala Harris Revisionist History is going to be fun to cover.

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