As a Kansas City Chiefs fan since 1970, I, of course, follow all the news and watch all the press conferences and today, Herbie Teope who serves as the lead beat reporter covering the Chiefs Kindom for The Kansas City Star asked Chiefs’ OC Eric Bieniemy what I found to be an offensive question.

While many may feel that Teope’s question seems on face value innocent enough. It does show why the Democrats are able to continue their idiocy about America being a racist country when ironically his question only proves we unquestionably are not.

Teope rattled off a list of today’s best young NFL quarterbacks to Chiefs Offensive Coordinator Eric Bieniemy (Who should have been an NFL head coach already) and asked what they all have in common?

Teope answered his own question by pointing out they are all Black. Of course, they aren’t all black. Some, like Patrick Mahomes, are biracial. But I guess Teope went with his ‘Feelings over Facts’.

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How utterly moronic was Herbie Teope ‘s Question?

Being older than dirt, I can still remember back in the 1980s, the question of ‘Is a Black Man smart enough to be an NFL Quarterback?’ was being openly debated.

The debate ENDED FOR ALL TIME after Washington Redskins QB Doug Williams led his team to victory over the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XXII.


But today here comes some mental midget reporter trying to regurgitate a debate that had ended over three decades ago.

What’s even more fascinating is the fact because it has become more commonplace, Patrick Mahomes mother being white, and his father being Black isn’t even a topic worthy of discussion.

So you could imagine how low on the list ‘being a black QB in the NFL’ ranks on the list of things to report on.

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