Kathy Griffin Lying Fraud Who Loved Donald Trump

Hollywood celebrity Kathy Griffin not only lied about implying she had Coronavirus, and not being able to get tested because of President Trump.

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She has been lying for years about her supposed loathing of Donald Trump.

Currently, Kathy Griffin, ‘D’ list celebrity extraordinaire is in hot water with the social media mob as she tries desperately to overcome a photo from Griffin’s past that proved the term “two-faced” fits her to a T.

The image trending on Social Media shows the repugnant liberal enthusiastically posing with Donald Trump.

As the U.K. Daily Mail reported at the time, the snapshot was taken in 2010, when Griffin and “Apprentice” competitor Brandy Kuentzel posed with the future president at a golf outing.

But… But… But… Donald Trump’s Evil

The list of celebrities and politicians who for decades loved and admired for decades “The Donald” before he ran for president as a Republican is a long one.

But that begs the question if Trump is as evil as the La La Land liberals depict, then why were so many leftist lining up over the past four decades to pose with him, shake his hand, and kiss his ass?

Today, you’ll hear these Hollywood hypocrites cry things such as, ‘Donald Trump is reprehensible for wanting the ‘Central Park 5’ rapists executed.’

Of course, revisionist history Democrats ignore two important facts that obliterate their faux outrage.

    1. All five teenagers were convicted in 1990 of sexual assault and other charges.
    2. At the time an overwhelming majority of liberals agreed with Donald Trump. Of course, at the time they thought Trump was speaking as one of their own.

As the National Review reported, liberal conman Al Sharpton acted like Donald Trump’s BBFF (best black friend forever) during the 1980s and ’90s.

President Bill Clinton loved playing hitting the links with ‘The Donald’ while his gold-digging wife Hillary didn’t even let the ink dry on his signature, before running to the bank and cashing another one of Donald Trump’s campaign donations.

My lord, even former President Barack Obama admired Donald Trump for his business prowess.

While attending Harvard, a young Obama spoke glowingly about the virtues of business tycoon Donald Trump.

Best of all I can’t imagine just how many of today’s Liberals asked…

 ‘Please Mr. Trump, if you wouldn’t mind, can you be so kind as to sign my copy of “The Art Of The Deal.’

If They Hate Trump Now, Then Why Not Then?

Go to Youtube and watch any of the interviews Donald Trump did with CNN’s Larry King.

In fact, you can watch any Donald Trump interview from the 80s, 90s, and 2000s and you’ll see over the past 40-years Trump’s political views have not changed all that dramatically from what they are today.

  • Trump wanted to impose tariffs on China to balance the scales, because corrupt Washington politicians caused the trade imbalance to become so egregious that Americans were now suffering from millions of manufacturing jobs fleeing the country.
  • Back when Hillary was prostituting herself out for another Trump donation for her rapist husband Bill. Donald Trump was warning that we need to secure the border. It’s probably where Bill Clinton got the idea since he parroted everything Trump had said during his State of the Union address.
  • Decades ago Donald Trump didn’t hide the fact that Washington needed to stop kowtowing to the United Nations and start putting America, and Americans first.

The only difference between then and now is Donald Trump’s job title.

But what’s most repugnant about La La Land phonies like Kathy Griffin is the fact that the same Hollywood celebrities who adored Donald Trump, and loved every one of his ideas back then, are today, whining that he’s so evil they can’t stand to even look at him.

And it’s all because Donald J. Trump exchanged the (D) for an (R) and his title got an upgrade from “Mr.” to “Mr. President”.

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