The Kansas City Chiefs hosted the Houston Texans Thursday evening for the NFL’s opening game of the 2020 season, and intended to provide a show of unity by locking arms with their teammates and opponents before the game — but the NFL’s “Moment of Unity’ got an earful as fans started booing loudly when ‘Black Lives Matter’ started flashing on the scoreboard.

The pregame activities at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri included players from both teams lining up down the center of the field with their arms locked together in a moment of silence for racial equality. NBC’s televised video feed caught audible booing coming from the fans.

Of course, the booing was loudly condemned on social media, with many feeling that the players had chosen a way to express their support for racial equality in a respectful and thoughtful way, and not anything that deserved to be booed by right-wing Trump supporters.

Umm, yea, because Kansas City has as many Trump-supporting right-wingers as Chicago does MAGA hat-wearing conservatives carrying nooses and looking for gay black men at 2 am on a minus 15-degree night.

How about instead of football players taping the name of an alleged rapist (Jacob Blake) on their helmets, why not ‘say her name‘ Dajore Wilson, an 8-year-old black girl murdered in a drive-by shooting in Chicago last week.

So, excuse me It’s Not The Fans that are POS’s… We didn’t put on a ‘Moment of Unity’ clown show.

NFL Drew Brees, Saints Tape Jacob Blake On Helmets
NFL Drew Brees, Saints Tape Jacob Blake On Helmets

The Chiefs Kingdom was booing the fact that, for weeks, not a single disparaging word about the three months of rioting, violence, arson, and looting by BLM, and Antifa anarchists.

Worse, NFL players were honoring a POS felon sexual predator who did everything he could do to get shot by a Police officer. Including getting in his car with his three kids inside and then reaching for a knife while multiple police officers had their guns pointed at him.

NFL players how about someone taping the name of Police Capt. David Dorn on their helmet? Captain Dorn was a black man who worked tirelessly helping the youth in Saint Louis’ black community until he was killed by Black Lives Matter supporters.

Please Note: This video may get blocked as the NFL is doing all they can to suppress the video.

But they are allowing the video to be shown on anyone who is disparaging the fans for booing their ‘Moment of Unity’: