Kellyanne Conway Accused of Posting Topless Photo of 16-year-old Daughter

Kellyanne Conway, Claudia Conway
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Former Trump adviser and spokesperson Kellyanne Conway has been accused of posting a topless photo of her 16-year-old daughter Claudia on Twitter.

As anyone following Claudia Conway’s Twitter account knows, she has a notoriously tumultuous relationship with her mother Kellyanne.

And it’s not hard to understand why judging by Claudia Conway’s Trump-Hate content she has posted to social media over the past several years.

Kellyanne’s tumultuous teenager has previously accused her mother of being “physically, mentally, and emotionally abusive.”

“Apparently, that’s real and I guess happened,” Claudia Conway said in a now-deleted TikTok video. 

She later added, “The picture’s from months ago,” and said she suspected either that her mother had copied the image to her own phone having confiscated her daughter’s, or that someone had hacked her mother’s phone.

During the TikTok tirade, the teen said her mother is “going to f*cking jail.”

“My mom deserves to go to jail. That’s unreal.” 

Before long, many online weighed in to support Claudia Conway, calling for her mother to be prosecuted for sharing child pornography.

Of course, the leftist Twittering Twits Went Right To Work

Liberals have been gushing over Claudia Conway for months over her “outspoken leftist” TikTok videos, for which they’ve enshrined her in their #Resistance Hall-of-Fame.

Color Me Shocked…Leftist Twitter Mob Demands The Immediate Arrest Of Kellyanne Conway.

While others rightfully pointed out that the entire family was dysfunctional, so it’s difficult to lay the blame on just one person, given the way their personal lives and disagreements had been shared online.

Of course, having reported on this dysfunctional family for months on end.

I can honestly say that it would not come as any shock if Claudia Conway secretly posted the picture herself using her mother’s account.

Something that other Twitter uses also pointed out:



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